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Moab, UT, United States for Hike Arches National Park

Started from Tucson really early in the morning and drove to Arches in about 9 hours. We stayed at a “Campsite” that was really just a really nice place to put a tent up. It had showers bathrooms and awnings for shade. For the price it can not be beat.

The park is amazing, the rock formations, arches and towering monoliths along with the red rock and sand make for some great views. The drive in is easy and everything is well marked. Parking can be an issue on busier days but you can always go to the next parking lot and swing back later.

If you have a chance to stay until after sunset the star viewing is great. The park is open 24 hours a day and with no real light pollution there taking astro-photography shots is second to none. If its a full moon the park is lit up enough that you do not even need a flashlight and its gives a whole new feeling to the place. No kids yelling or cars driving around – just a great silence.

After one long day of hiking we went to Moab Brewery for lunch. Great beer and good food. The inside is neat with alot of random items on the walls and a relaxed vibe.

Canon lands is close by and I wish we had more time to explore it better – we just did a quick drive through and sight seeing stops. But I found out if you have a vehicle that can handle it you can go down into the canyons and explore more remote areas – next time.

Where I stayed / started

Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground

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