Moalboal, Central Visayas, Philippines for Summer Getaway

Let’s have some break from all my Negros Adventures as of now (but don’t worry, I will still continue my Negros Adventures). Let me now take you to the island that I am currently living in, Cebu.

There are a lot of amazing beaches and resorts in Cebu. The place that I am taking you right now may kinda be a bit familiar for some since a lot of foreign and local tourists visit here. It is known to have clear waters and white sands in the Southwestern part of Cebu. It’s none other than: Moalboal, Cebu.

Moalboal is known in Cebu since a lot of tourists go here not only in summer but also in different dates too. Moalboal is almost a 5-hour drive from Cebu City. You can go there by different means. You can ride a bus from Cebu South Bus terminal and you can also ride a V-hire from Cebu City, or you could just bring your own car service.

The place where we really stayed in is at Basdaku, Moalboal, Cebu. Most of the resorts in Moalboal are located in Basdaku, that’s why there are really a lot of tourists visiting and enjoying in this place. The waters in Moalboal are undeniably clear, which is really a good pair for its white sands. There are huge stones and cliffs nearby the area from where we stayed. Of course, adventurous as we are, we took pictures of ourselves in that area. After taking pictures of those huge stones and cliffs, we went further and arrived at the place where most of the local tourists are staying and enjoying.

Aside from just merely swimming in the beach’s clear waters, there are also a lot of amenities that were offered by some of the locals in the area. They are also offering pumpboat renting (A pumpboat is an outrigger canoe that is usually used by the locals. It can be used for fishing or for touring too). Alongside with pumpboat renting, you can also do snorkeling and get a hold of the underwater sight – all the beautiful corals and also some colorful fishes.

The place where we stayed in was also amazing. Club Serena was indeed very promising to the service it gives to all its guests. Their fruit shakes are awesome (THUMBS UP!). The place was very accommodating and relaxing. It can take out all the stress you have, forget it for a while and seize the moment – that’s how it would make you feel.

After all the little adventure I did in that place, I couldn’t help but be amazed of every sight I was able to look into. The relaxing place, clear waters, white sands, and a nice sunset – it was more than the break that I longed for. I do recommend you to visit this place and be also amazed of everything that you’d be seeing and experiencing.

That’s it for now for in my Moalboal Jrrny. After this? Hmm, let’s go back to Negros again, I’m not yet finished sharing all the experiences I had in those places. See you in our next adventure!

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Moalboal has a lot of beaches. Go see one for yourself!

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