Montreal, QC, Canada for Montreal's Biosphere Environmental Museum

Montreal’s Biosphere Environmental Museum is one and only of its kind. Most interesting thing you would notice, even before visiting the place, is that it has been effected by two extremes of temperature effects. As the architect of the dome was Buckminster Fuller, constructed in 1967. The whole architecture of the dome was made up of acrylic, which accidentally caught fire, and flames went high and high for 30 minutes. The acrylic sheet/ bubble of the dome was totally burned down, only the skeleton structure of steel remained there. After this incident the place was remained closed for 15 years, in 1995. Then again unfortunately, in 1998, an Ice Storm hit the biosphere, and closed again for five months. So it makes irresistible for me to visit and watch the gigantic structure, which is a perfect Bucky’s structure and has endured tough environmental effects.
But interestingly, the Biosphere has become a sight see, and a perfect internal environmental museum with beautiful view and gigantic architecture. The museum initially showcased water ecosystem of the great lakes, but after it has expanded, it is perfectly portraying all the environmental issues such as most important climate change, eco-technologies and sustainable development.
All halls of the museums depict series of rotating exhibition, encompassing issues like water shortage, recycling, etc. Another environment friendly thing, which one would observe in the building is that, the roof of the biosphere has lush green garden, same as it has indoors. This reduce the energy consumption needs of the museum, plus give a peaceful and serene park area inside the sphere.
It’s a must visit place for Science geeks, and also for any one interested to spend a healthy day.

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