Moose, WY for Grand Teton National Park

Summer road trips were a big thing for my family growing up. With two working parents and a busy school and activity schedule, there wasn’t a lot of time for bonding. But we’d always take two weeks just after school ended to get out and see some little unfamiliar nook in the country. Since having my first child almost four years ago, I’ve been really excited to start planning our first trip. We live in Boise, ID. I wanted to choose a location that would feel like a real roadtrip, without being too hard on the little one the first time out. After a bunch of Googling, I decided on Grand Teton National Park. My son, although only four years old, is just thrilled by nature and has shown lots of love of critters of all sizes, so this seemed like the perfect place.

We made the almost 6 hour drive without a whole lot of trouble. We left in the early morning and made several stops along the way. We reached the park around 3 pm. I was immediately taken by the breatheability of the air and the overwhelming beauty of the mountains. We stayed at Signal Mountain Lodge, which is a nice series of cabins, bungalows, and retreats, just a half hour outside of the park, proper. We spent one week here. My son was, as predicted, really excited about the wildlife, and even spent half a day at Snake River with me, scouting out some trout trophies.

I was really glad I brought my bicycle, just in case. There are tons of pathways and rural roads running through the park, and since I have a mounted seat for the little guy, we spent a good deal of time exploring on two wheels.

I think our first trip was a success!

Insider Tip

From what I’ve heard, the park hits peak season (read: gets annoyingly packed) in July and August. We went in late June, and it didn’t feel overly crowded, but you could tell the hoards were on their way.

Where I stayed / started

Signal Mountain Lodge

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