Mumbai, India for Holi

While it only happens once a year, Holi is something that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Holi takes place on the full moon every March and celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Holi is celebrated in two parts: first on the eve of Holi, with bonfires. This represents the burning of Holika, the evil sister of Hiranyakashyap who attempted to murder his son by fire. The child was unharmed because of his devotion to the Lord Naarayana, and Holika died in the fire instead.

The next day is when the real party begins. Revelers throw brightly colored powders and water at one another, dance, and generally make merry out in the streets. You can find carts loaded with Holi powder on every corner, and ready participants to douse in vivid hues on every street.

If you’re looking to celebrate Holi, make sure you’re in the Northern realm of India, as it’s not much celebrated in the south. For my Holi experience, I chose to go to Mumbai. While there, I made friends with a group of Mumbai students who let me tag along with them to a couple music festivals. At the festivals, DJs played their best hits on stage, and throngs of people jumped to the music, all covered head to toe in neon Holi powder.

If possible, I do advise making friends with the locals to get the fullest experience. However, it’s not necessary if you just want to go to music festivals. You can find them on Mera Events.

Insider Tip

Try to find organic, eco-friendly Holi powder. It’s better for the environment and it washes out faster! Some of the non-organic powders can stain your skin for days.

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