Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan for Deer Love in Nara Park

Fortunately, I visited Nara park in autumn season, and that was worth it. Being a great nature lover, this was one of the most pleasurable visit for me. Blooming flowers, fresh breeze, and lush green beauty of grass and plants was the most appealing and amazing experience. Most appealing characteristic of Nara park is its friendly deer, you’ll found plenty of them while roaming around, so better watch your step.
I enjoyed my Japan visit a lot. Tokyo city has plenty to show. It truly is an amalgamation of fast forward modern world with the rich culture, traditions and architecture. Well, being a nature lover I wanted to visit some park after all that sightseeing. Many people recommended this beautiful Nara park, so I decided to see it myself. I was certainly not disappointed. Park has certain pleasant and earthy feel that makes you smile, and relax.
There are many shops around to buy special souvenirs. Plus there is another huge temple that has historical beauty of Japan to show. Deer are just amazing. I love giving them food and patting on the back. All in all you’ll love this place. A day trip to Nara is highly recommended for anyone going Japan.

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nara Royal Hotel

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