Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas for Vacation

My Journey to the Bahamas was an amazing trip filled with sunny skies and beautiful beaches. I was lucky enough to meet up with a Bahamian friend living in Nassau and get a locals perspective on all of the festivities that mark the Easter Holiday in the Bahamas. Getting outside of the Atlantis Resort area and experiencing more of New Providence proved to be an extremely worthwhile venture, and really added to the experience of the vacation.
The first night that I arrived we traveled to a local favorite spot to grab casual food and drinks called “The Fish Fry”. The Fish Fry is an area on the waterfront just outside of the center of town. It is made up of around 75 small restaurants based out of sheds, as well as mobile operations called jerk pits which operate out of the back of various trucks and vans. The fare is simple, reasonably priced, and most importantly delicious. As you can tell by the name the Fish Fry is known for its fresh local caught seafood, as well as the ever famous jerk pork and chicken. We chose to dine at the local favorite O’ Andros. Immediately upon entering O’ Andros we were greeted with the smells of simmering pork and fresh cracked conch. Though based off of first impression one might not expect much in terms of a dining experience, the food was excellent and the local flare of both the staff and setting made for an excellent meal as well as a great memory.
After enjoying our meal we decided to grab another local favorite called Sky Juice. Sky juice is a local staple served at The Fish Fry out of a number of mobile stands. It consists of coconut water, gin, sweetened condensed milk, and a dash of nutmeg. It is served in large styrofoam container so as to encourage people to travel around, and enjoy the multiple reggae bands that play each Friday.
Seeing the non resort side of New Providence was a highlight that really made the trip for me. I would highly recommend taking a trip to The Fish Fry one night and sampling all of the local Bahamian flavors, as well as making a stop at the local Brewery called Pirate Republic. Exploring the island and being able to take in the local culture through food and the Holiday festivities really allowed me to experience what my friend titled ” a true Bahamian weekend”.

Insider Tip

Check out the The Daiquiri Shack at Cable Beach for tropical drinks and a fun crowd.

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