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Nepal for 10 Facts You Should Know About Hiking Before Going

Hiking may not be as intense as trekking but it is equally risky. Therefore, the following article will help you discover a few facts that you must know before you go hiking.

Hiking and trekking in Nepal both are considered challenging because of the trekking routes. Whether, it is Annapurna base camp trekking in Nepal or Everest base camp trekking in Nepal both demands physical and mental strength. Therefore, before hiking on any of the trekking routes make sure you plan and prepare everything in advance for a splendid hiking experience.

The following article will highlight 10 facts you should know about hiking before going:

1.       Put gears to the test: Before you go for hike put gears to the test. Make sure the hiking shoes are in good condition; the backpack isn’t damaged and keep extra pairs as well. Since you will be walking most of the time, packing quality hiking boots is also important. Ensure that they are lightweight and are good for running as compared to general hiking boots; this will help you maintain the pace.

2.       The fabric of the clothes: Hiking is a proficient physical workout that provokes sweating. Therefore, choosing the right clothing fabric for the base layer is a must. Any breathable fabric apart from cotton is suitable. Don’t forget to pack a raincoat or water-resistant clothes for any harsh climatic conditions.

3.       Reliable backpack: While hiking a reliable backpack is the topmost requirement. Choose a backpack which is comfortable and water-resistant. The weight of the backpack must be at the bottom and not on the shoulders which makes it easy to carry.

4.       Sufficient amount of food and water: If your hiking route lasts more than a day you must have enough water and food supplies. Stuff your backpack with protein and muesli bars, dry fruits, chocolate bars, and ready to cook food or trail mix. Purchase a hydration bottle and refill it as per requirement. You may also pack electrolytes, juices or flavored water.

5.       Read about the hiking route: There is a wide range of trekking routes to choose from for hiking. But before you finalize the route, make sure you read enough about it. Reading about the place will help you explore the location, its culture, food, other activities offered in the area, etc. Moreover, it prepares you for upcoming challenges.

6.       Share your plan with family or friends: Whether you are hiking with a known or unknown group of people, always share your plans with family or friends. Inform them when you start and expected date of return. This will help them keep a track especially in case of any natural calamity.

7.       Prepare a first aid kit: Carrying a first aid kit is a must especially when you will be out in nature. The kit must include bandages, antiseptic cream or lotion, scissors, painkillers, medicine for altitude sickness specifically when you are going to hike at altitude. Also, include water purification tablets as well to avoid water-borne diseases.

8.       Try to manage hygiene: While hiking, make sure you put all the rubbish in a trash bag. Respect the environment and be vigilant to poisonous plants or snakes. Use sanitizers or wet tissues before you eat or drink anything. Apply mosquito repellents or bug spray to avoid insect bites.

9.       Always carry a map: Carrying a map is important as when you hike on a trek such as Annapurna base camp trekking in Nepal you lose GPS connectivity. With no connectivity, it is difficult to track the location. Hence, a handy map helps you get back on the track.

10.   Better not to hike alone: Whether you are trekking in Nepal or anywhere else in the world, it is always a good idea to have someone with you. You may either hire a local tour guide or connect with other people through social connections hiking on the same route.

Next time you plan for a hike, attend these facts and relish the experience.

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