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Nepal for How Yoga Asanas Give Strength to Your Body While Trekking?

Mental blockage, constant tiredness and lifestyle stress call for a soulful escapade in the lap of Mother Nature.

Nothing is better than traveling when it all seems grey and gloomy. Escaping to the mountain trails or somewhere at a beachside is a perfect way to cheer up and feel better. Add a hue of thrill to your getaway making it more fun and adventurous. Yes, with trekking.

Enthraling the wanderer in you, trekking is on the top list of every adrenaline junkie. All the hikers know that the trekking trail offers its fair share of rewards and memories in the form of breathtaking landscape, beautiful vistas, mesmeric lakes, and of course a sense of achievement.  But along with it, hiking also has its own set of challenges that includes altitude, uneven rock terrain, change in weather, and more. Though trekking tour packages in Nepal or India may seem exciting but you need to keep yourself fit to meet up to the challenge.  

Trekking up and down a mountain carrying essentials and a backpack is a strenuous activity. Being a trek lover, one should be aware that preparation before and during the trek holds so much of importance.

Enter Yoga!

The practice of yoga before and during the trek prepares the body to face uncertainties. Yoga during this ineffable challenging experience is beneficial both physically and mentally, allowing you to conquer challenges thrown by nature.

Here, we have mentioned points that prove how asana gives strength to the body, and what all asanas need to be practiced to increase body strength.

Boost Energy

With yoga practice keep your energy level high to feel rejuvenated rather drained out. It is beneficial if you practice before climbing the trail to develop sustainability. During the course, if you feel lethargic or low try poses like Sukhasana, Salabhasana, Bhujangasana, Anjanyeasana along with Pranayama and Meditation practice. Best trekking tour packages in India also provide energy boosting breaks and refreshments to make you feel replenished and energetic throughout.

Strengthen Core

Yoga is an amazing practice for your core, and you do need a lot of leg work during trekking. Practicing yoga tightens the abdomen, strengthens the back and core and tones the legs for a better experience.  So, you can perform Phalakasana that build strength in shoulders, core, legs, and arms, try the modification with Side Plank and Dolphin Push-up. 

Enhance Balance of the Body

Uneven and narrow trails need body balance to prevent fall and injury or even worst. Balance of the body is essential for the successful completion of your trekking voyage. Enhance your ability to control the body, no matter what position you’re in, by building strength with yoga. To improve practice yoga asanas including Warrior Pose that make you feel strong by strengthening the hips and feet or try standing lunge to stretch the glutes, hamstrings, and abs. Whether trekking in Peru or Nepal climbing dangerous and challenging trail or in India with moderate difficulty level, you need to have improved body balance.  

Improve Stamina and Endurance

Overcome the feeling of exhaustion, anxiety, and stress practicing poses that help you with improving stamina and endurance. During trekking, both of them are really essential for enhancing physical agility and mental strength. So practice Navasana that stretch the legs and arms making it strong, Urdhav Dhanuranasa for keeping knees, back, elbows and palm healthy, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana alleviates back pain, strength shoulder, build stamina, etc., also practice Matyasana, Dhanurasana, Ustrasana, Utkata Konasana, and more.

Good for Focus and Concentration

During trekking voyage, a strong body isn’t enough to cross the hurdles you face on the trail. To conquer all, a strong mind is also required that helps with the challenges. As much as strength and balance required during trekking, being focused, attentive and dedicated also holds equal importance. So, don’t neglect your mind when practicing yoga. Along with practicing the above-mentioned poses also concentrate on meditation and pranayama. Mindfulness breathing enhances concentration and helps to relax the mind. While meditation calms the mind, prepares the body for the challenges and brings awareness of the moment.

For any activity or sport, yoga practice always help you to be your best version and accomplish what you strive to achieve.

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