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Nepal for Role of Yoga in Better Concentration During Study

The bustling city life makes our life chaotic and problematic and maybe this is the reason our concentration level keeps on oscillating. Our concentration magnitude keeps on dwindling which leads to distractions. If you do practice Yoga, it would help you to calm down as it quiets your mind. If you ever participate in Yoga holidays in Nepal, you would get to learn the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali that states ‘Yoga Chitta vritti nirodha’. The aforementioned quote means, it is with the help of Yoga, you can reduce the fluctuations. Practicing Yoga daily helps you to extricate the entire emotional burden that is cumulated in your mind. Be a part of Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, to learn about various types of Yoga poses that could help you to rejuvenate your mental health. You can also practice Pranayama as it helps to collect the disintegrated thoughts and use it productively. Some of the Pranayama Poses that you must know about are:

Nadi Shodhna:

It is a three-part breath control that is focused on alternate nostril breathing. It eventually helps in focusing in a better way. Also, helps in clearing the clogged or stimulated sinuses or mind. 

Udgeeth Pranayama 

Chanting of breath enhances the power of OM. It relaxes your mind and escalates your concentration level. Exhaling helps in releasing the toxic energy and developing a positive aura.

Bhramari Pranayama 

It releases stress and cerebral tension. The practice also enriches the internal awareness and concentration. 

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Some Yoga Poses you must try to boost your concentration level 

Here’s a list of some of the important Yoga poses that you must try to improve your level of concentration. Have a look!

Tadasana or Mountain Pose

  • You are supposed to stand straight
  • Then, join your feet together
  • Your toes should touch each other
  • Keep your heels slightly apart
  • Keep your hands straight alongside your body
  • Your thigh muscles must be firm
  • Without hardening the lower part of your belly, you are supposed to lift your kneecaps
  • Make sure you do keep the inner arches of your inner ankle straight when you are lifting it
  • Assume, a stream of light traveling across your ankles, thighs and even neck towards your head
  • You must shift your inner thighs inward
  • Elongate the tail bone, towards the floor
  • You are supposed to lift the pubis
  • Make sure it is close to the navel
  • You should breathe in and stretch your shoulders, arms and pull your chest upwards
  • Hold the pose for sometime
  • Then, exhale

Vrikasana or Tress Pose 

  • Drop your arms and stand straight 
  • You should bend your knees slightly
  • Put your right foot up just on your lift thigh
  • Your legs must be straight and firm
  • Now, breath and seek a balanced position to stay like that
  • Inhale, then you are expected to raise your arms, exactly over your head
  • Take the position of Namastey Mudra
  • Look straight, it would help you to concentrate and balance
  • Your spine must be straight
  • Stay in that position for a while
  • Take deep breath
  • Relax

Garudasana or Eagle Pose 

  • You must stand straight
  • Now, slightly bend your knee
  • You must wrap your left leg around the right one
  • Your knees must be hoarded in each other
  • Your right shin must be touched with your left foot
  • To the shoulder height, you are expected to raise your hand
  • Now, again wrap your right hand, around your left hand just like your legs
  • Elbows must be bent at 90-degree angle
  • Bringing down your hips, establish a balance
  • Move your knees towards the midline without leaning on either sides
  • Hold the pose for some time,
  • Release and get back to the original position

  The article descriptively brings out the ultimate and holistic way of developing concentration with the help of Yoga Poses and Pranayama. 

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