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Nepal for What Everybody Needs to Know About a Meditation Retreat?

Summary – If you are eyeing for a meditation retreat in a far off location, you need to be well aware of what it’s all about.

To understand the world with all its nuances and successfully situating and suiting yourself into it sometimes needs a brief turning away– this is the concept of a spiritual retreat. As life in the modern times is getting more and more overwhelming, what’s with the overflow of information and virtual engagements of the digital age and the alienating competitiveness embedded in the society, we are being unable to find any time for self-search. This is why to reinforce your life with inner peace you might do well with some time away like on a yoga retreat in Nepal

Deeply meditative and with more emphasis upon mind-body holism rather than a body-centric perspective, this type of yogic wellness programs are designed to restore your better qualities. However, you must go into the journey amply informed to reap its full benefits. Here is what you need to know:

Digital Detox is Essential and Why

Not a stranger to the recurring nightmare in which you cannot find your phone, are you? We feel vulnerable without our smart technology devices, no matter how much interference and distractions it may cause us. The addiction is very real and threatening for our inner peace. Therefore, at meditation retreats in Nepal , you are going to see a concerted effort of leading an ‘unplugged’ life. Take a break from the mind numbing scrolls and constant summoning from work life. It’s time to realize facts and feelings in your own body and mind instead of taking a virtual feed. 

A Complete Dietary Reform

In yoga and Ayurveda, qualities (gunas) are of three types- 1. Rajas (hot, spicy, fast), 2. Tamas (slow, lethargic, bland), 3. Sattva (purity, harmony). Among these, sattvic food is considered the most suitable for the discipline of meditation. It nourishes the body in a way that the peaceful state of mind is maintained. The mind is thus able to function at its full potential. While there are no dictats regarding your choice of food at meditation retreats, you will be encouraged to take meals with pure fruits and vegetables, milk and clarified butter (ghee), honey, herbal drinks etc. Participants at the acclaimed meditation retreats in Nepal popularly quote Yogi Bhajan in these regards– “the lion is a great meat-eater, and he is called the king of the jungle. But no animal can match the elephant, a complete vegetarian, for pure strength!”

Valuing Observation over Reaction

In the gist of yogic philosophy, all human misery is concluded to be rooted in craving and aversion. Be it money, love, or health that we crave, when it is not achieved we are left miserable. And what increases our existential misery are things that induce aversion but we can’t get away from, like– pain, situations unfavorable to our interests, or bad behavior. Also, the satisfaction of fulfilling a craving or getting away from something aversive is always temporary. As an end to misery, yogic thought proposes complete acceptance and objective observation instead of knee-jerk reactions that makes the mind either crave or avert. “There is no such thing as an itch you can permanently scratch”.

Journaling to Arrange Mixed Thoughts

The subconscious mind is constantly responding to subtle but non-conscious sensations, and thus generating continuous threads of thoughts, even when we are sleeping! As a conscious human being, you must take active control of this passage of emotions, intellectualization, and auto-pilot reactions. Times alone at yoga retreats in Nepal are for keeping a journal of these thoughts. Later, you can introspect using this narrative or ask your motivational coach at the retreat direct questions regarding your crises.

Shraddha’ or Respectful Conviction in the Guru-Learner Relationship

Lastly, do not go in the retreat with skepticism. The guru-learner relationship in the yogic tradition is based upon respect or shraddha, and to a certain degree, the conviction that your spiritual guide is capable of showing your ordained path. Skepticism will be subversive to your leaning.






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