New Malden, United Kingdom for Jurassic Golf and Korean Food

Our friend decided to celebrate his 30th birthday by taking us all out to play golf at this Jurassic-style court in New Malden, just outside of London.

To be quite honest, I am definitely not a golf person, which definitely showed – I ended up last on the list of eight people! Still it was good fun to play it with friends, surrounded with various species of dinosaurs and other pre-historic life. After my miserable defeat, we went into a little cafe nearby, where I could compensate my loss with delicious Guinness cake (probably my favorite thing about the UK?) and coffee. I should mention that the area of New Malden is also known for something else, other than silly golf courses – and that is for having the largest Korean expat community in Europe. So because of this, we decided to explore the rest of the neighborhood a little bit, stumbling upon a pretty big Korean supermarket, where we lost a good hour browsing the shelves and stuffing the bags with delicious kimchi, gochujang and various other K-food goodies. All in all, a great little daytime trip!

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