New York City for Hamilton

I love road trips. I also love live theatre. Recently I decided to make a road trip to New York City to try and see the hot Broadway musical Hamilton.
Hamilton happens to be the hottest ticket in town, maybe the world, with tickets going for hundreds, often thousands of dollars, but I am a bit of ticket expert and rarely even pay face value to go to an event and I have been to most of the big ones. Super Bowl, Masters, Olympics, US Open, Kentucky Derby, hot concerts, hot Broadway shows, you name it, I have seen it.
I entered the lottery they have for each show to win $10 tickets with no luck, I checked online for releases all day with no luck and finally I was ready to try and score a ticket the way I usually buy my tickets, I went to the theatre to scalp a ticket.
Believe it or not it is rare that I can not scalp a ticket to an event, people, even for the biggest events, always get stuck with extra tickets at the last second due to illness, change of plans, couples having silly fights, you name it.
I got to the theatre before they opened the doors and worked the crowd, no one had extras. I continued to try and find a ticket right up until showtime with no luck and was about to accept that I would be going to another show that night. I gave myself until 15 minutes after showtime to find a ticket as, for the most part, people going to the theatre are usually on time.
Just as I decided to leave a big black SUV pulled up and a very famous actress (out of respect I am not going to name her) got out by herself. My first thought was, she is going to Hamilton alone, that is weird, but I figured this was my last chance to score a ticket and asked her, any chance you have an extra ticket?
Guess what, she did, and to quote, “yea, I actually do, thanks to my asshole boyfriend”. She went to the box office, picked up her tickets at will-call and gave me one.
The ticket was free (I did offer to pay her, she refused), the show was great, the actress was charming and even let me buy her a drink.
New York City is always a good time.

Insider Tip

Never be afraid to try and scalp tickets at the venue. Yes, you have to be careful, a good trick to not get scammed is to have the seller walk you to the door and have the ticket scanned before paying, but you will be amazed at the deals you will get, sometimes free, and its also a bit of an adventure for those that like a little adventure with their life.

Where I stayed / started

New York City

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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