New York, New York for a Wonderfully Divey Experience at Billymark's West

This is the best dive bar experience I’ve ever had. Not somewhere you want to go if you’re looking for a frilly drink (or frilly patrons) and upstanding food, but for a genuine New York dive experience, this is the place. From what I heard, one of the owners is almost always behind the bar, joking and swapping stories of yesteryear with customers who are so comfortable on the bar stool, it looks like a second home. Sure enough, my boyfriend and I recently visited, and it took ten minutes before I was ordering a beer and talking music with Billy. (The dude’s a living encyclopedia of music history.) My dude and I put some funk on the jukebox and played three rounds of pool at the $2 table in the back. Best grime date ever.

Word to the wise: Billymark’s is a no-nonsense sort of place. SUPER diverse clientele. The guys are awesome and incredibly laid back, if you are. I heard one couple complaining about the service, but they had also complained about how sticky the floor was, so, I’m guessing they would have been more comfortable at one of the many swanky hipster spots around.

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Cash only. : )

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New York, New York

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