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I love New York for a lot of reasons. I like the hustle and bustle (although I do try to steer clear of the uber-tourist-y districts). I love the crazy number of great restaurants and bars. The general attitude is some sort of weird blend of aloofness and community, and you can feel it in the air. Maybe my favorite thing, though, is the opportunity to view – and engage with – SO many different kinds of art. From the MoMA and Guggenheim to the Museum of Sex and Morbid Anatomy Museum. Not to mention the hundreds of one-off pieces, performances, installments, and exhibits – PLUS all of the street art. It’s an open-minded art lover’s paradise! I’ve visited NYC several times, and took a short-term job that moved me over there for a few months, so I’ve been doing my best to reach the Expert level on the Local Scale, scurrying here and there whenever I’m not working to find new and exciting experiences.

On a Saturday early-afternoon walk, I passed an alley where a handful of bystanders were staring into what looked like a big box. They would walk forward, disappearing into it, and then re-emerge, to give others a chance to do the same. Okay…very weird. Obviously, I had to check it out. Turns out it’s a tiny museum in an old freight elevator, established by some local film guys. Weird artifacts were stacked, in perfect uniform, from floor to ceiling. Almost everything in there looked totally ordinary on first glance, but – as I learned upon further research – that’s exactly the point. Mmuseumm is a way to remember the mundane; to give seemingly insignificant objects meaning by recognizing their historical or cultural relevance to them. The items rotate every few months, so I’ll definitely have to keep checking back to see if it changes before I leave!


Insider Tip

Mmuseumm doesn’t require admission, but it is only open to the public on weekends. During the week, visitors can see the inside through a window in the door. There’s also a call-in audio guide that goes with the museum, although I learned that after I had already left.

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