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Don’t know about you, but the thought of ‘New York’ does not conjure palm frond vibes and tiki dreams. Mother of Pearl owner, Ravi DeRossi, thinks differently. The mastermind behind an esteemed family of cocktail bars (think: Death & Company, The Bourgeois Pig, Proletariat, Cienfuegos, Mayahuel, Amor y Amargo and 124 Rabbit Club) hit another home run with this little nook on Avenue A.

It looks super bright and tropical during the day, which is stellar; but even BETTER is that it basically disappears at night, behind the giant plants and curtains – only identifiable by the diffused glow of its scripted neon sign. My friends (pictured) and I literally thought it was a nail salon at first. (Disclaimer: we’d already be trolling the avenue for about 4 drinks apiece before we passed this gem. So…regarding the functionality of our eyes…do with that what you will. Ahem.)

The crowd is ridiculously diverse – age, dress, and gender varied a lot. The place is popular and space is a little limited, but it never felt overcrowded. (On a Friday night!) My mates and I were so impressed by the incredibly intricate and whimsical decor (enormous, swaying wooden palm fronds on the walls to provide ventilation, anyone?), the drinks, the snacks, every bartender and waiter, the atmosphere – that we made it our FIRST stop the next night.

NYC is a concrete jungle – it can be really stressful and overwhelming. This little jungle in the middle of it is anything but.

Insider Tip

There’s a cocktail called the Shark Eye. Just…get it. Look at the picture. They’re literally served IN SHARKS.

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