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Newport, Curaçao for Heading to Idyllic Curacao For a Getaway? Here’s How You Can Pack for a Purpose!

How many emotions do you feel throughout the process of packing for vacation? Happiness, excitement, worry, uncertainty, frustration, major excitement… A lot goes into packing, so it’s understandable that many emotions are felt during.

How about adding one more feeling to the mix? Compassion. Many vacationers aren’t aware that they have the incredible opportunity to Pack For a Purpose. To bring with them items that will bring joy to those in need. Alongside the bikinis and sunglasses can be games, clothing, and grooming supplies for organizations badly in need of them.


Pack for a Purpose – Here’s How

pack for a purposeThis isn’t to say every vacation destination is set up to receive goods through the Pack For a Purpose Program, but Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, on Curacao, is. Pack For a Purpose is an organization that does just what you might think – connects vacationers to destinations working with local non-profit and charitable organizations. This year we’ve spoken with Robert de Vries the President and Director of the Curacao organization Siloam, which cares for children, helps feed low-income families, and much more.

Robert, what is Siloam’s Mission?

Siloam takes care of (sick) children, children who are dying, and children who are not able to live with their parents. Siloam also takes care of poor people in Curacao through distributing food to families in need, food that the local markets donate.

How did this organization come to be on the island of Curacao?

The founder, Herman Gijsbers (died in April 2016), started this work 20 years ago because there was need of taking care of (sick) children. We, myself and my wife Durkje, took over in April 2016 after working for eight years as missionaries in Haiti.

Plan Your Curacao Getaway

pack for a purpose
Source: Pack for a Purpose | Facebook

What kind of condition are the children in that you care for at Siloam?

Most of the children have illnesses, but with love and medication, they are all doing well.


How can people get involved to help your mission? Is there more than one way?

There are many ways;

– Monetary Donations

– Donations of clothing, food, furniture, etc.

How does Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort help your organization?

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort helps us in a great way by donating all kind of things, like beds, bikes, etc. Also, they help us a lot with Pack For a Purpose. This is really helpful for us because these donations allow us to help others in need and our children at Siloam.

Learn More About Our Partnership Here

How might guests who are coming to stay at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort help in these efforts?

By participating in the resorts Pack For a Purpose program, which many have already done! This greatly helps us financially because Siloam has existed already for 20 years without any help from the government.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Siloam?

pack for a purpose
Source: Christelijk Kinderherstellingsoord Siloam | Facebook

Everyone is welcome to come and visit us! You can also learn more at our website (Dutch) or here for Dutch and English

Whether you are heading out on vacation to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, or elsewhere, you can see every single place in the world that works with Pack For a Purpose on the organization’s website. Not only can you escape to a blissful vacation, but you can bring hope, love, and compassion with you – all through your packing! To see exactly how you can help Siloam, and other organizations, through Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, visit here. We want to thank everyone who has participated and all those who we know will come soon!

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