North Bend, WA for Hiking to Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake is one of my favorite hikes in Washington State. I went last summer with a few friends (and went back a few times, actually). It’s not a hike that’s going to take hours and hours to make, but we wanted to beat the crowds, so we left Seattle pretty early – around 7 a.m. After stopping for coffee – and a couple of ice packs to keep the beers in our backpacks cool – we arrived at the trailhead. It was 8:00, and there were actually some other early bird hikers out there with us!

The trail’s not terribly advanced (although there are a few switchbacks that can get pretty steep). It’s only four miles, round trip, to get up to the ledge and back to the head, so we made it to the top in less than an hour. The views from up there are incredible. We could see Rattlesnake Lake, Mt. Si (another popular PNW hiking desination), and more. We actually found a spot for all of us to sit, so we stayed for probably a couple of hours, eating and drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity.

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