Norway for Taste la dolce vita

As a traveller, I experience the place I visit in multiple ways. Food is one of them. When you eat, you have really tasting the region the food come from. I believe that traveling and eating go hand in hand while touching, smelling and tasting add to my impression of a city. This is the rason why I visited Oslo’s most famous eating places during my vacation in Scandinavia.
The town itself is a mixture of different cultures which reflect on peoples’ taste and eating habits. There is a unbelievable wide range of restaurants, bars and coffee shops welcoming people in and offering all of the best service and exclusive taste. However, as I was in Norway, I prefered to taste the scandinavian cuisine and taste the region I was visiting. That is why I spent a night making a list of restaurant and a whole week visiting them. As a result I can offer you my top 5 list of The best places to eat in Oslo:
1. Statholdergaarden (Oslo’s best gourmetrestaurant):
Situated in a building dating back to the 1640s, this is one of the oldest scandinavian restaurants which has a Michelin star reward.
2.Nedre Foss Gård (Oslo’s newest restaurant):
According to the restaurant’s history, 730 days and 50 mil. norwegian krones were needed for reconstruction of the building where the restaurant is in.
3. Delicatessen (Oslo’s beste tapas):
Actually Delicatessen has three unique restaurants in Oslo, all of them with focus on norwegian cuisine.
4. Loftshus Samvirkelag (Oslo’s beste pizza):
Situated in the center of Oslo, this is one of the best places I have been to. The atmosphere is friendly and casual while pizzas are one fo the best I have tried recently.
5. Smalhans (The best Norwegian restaurant in Oslo):
In 2012 the restaurant won the the first place in the catagory “Newest Oslo’s restaurant) while in 2013 it won the award The best Norwegian restaurant in Oslo. When I came in and tasted the food, I really understand why.

Where I stayed / started

Oslo Sentral Stration

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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