Novi Sad, Vojvodina for Honey Brandy and Petrovaradin

One of the main reasons why Novi Sad was put on a map for a lot of people was Exit Festival, which is held every July on the town’s massive Petrovaradin fortress. And even though it had some good line-ups over the years, if you’re not that into EDM, it can get a little tedious. However, that still doesn’t prevent Novi Sad from being a charming place that’s worth visiting regardless.

Starting from the Trg Slobode, we roamed around the central pedestrian area – Novi Sad has a lot of hidden alleyways and passages, so you are bound to bump into something interesting if you take the alternative paths. We visited the vast Foreign Art Collection to admire works and items made from artists across Europe. Later, we went to Petrovaradin (was weird seeing it when it’s not festival season!) and had coffee on the Danube coast, which was lovely. In the evening we went into central area, more precisely the little alleys off Zmaj Jovina street that were packed with bars and cafes, which all looked cool and quirky. We ended up in Martha’s pub, where we had the best medovača (a sort of honey brandy) I’ve ever tasted. Novi Sad also has a pretty lively DIY/hard core/punk scene, so make sure to check if there are any local bands playing in town, as the shows are bound to be tons of fun.

Insider Tip

Visit Fish & Zelenish restaurant for some fresh seafood and cute local atmosphere.

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Friend's apartment in the center

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