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Orlando, FL, United States for 6 Reasons to Fall in Love With The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

The flavors, sights, sounds, and entertainment of The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival combine to create one of the best Walt Disney World experiences of the year. For Floridians, the reasons to love and anticipate the festival are many. For those who don’t live in Florida or frequent Walt Disney World, you may not know what the festival is or why it’s well worth a visit. Here’s a list of why we love the festival, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to plan a trip to experience the festival for yourself someday!


Why You’ll Delight in EPCOT Food and Wine

1. It’s The Best Time of The Year at Walt Disney World

The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival happens every single year! This year marks the 22nd year, and each year it gets better. Though any time of year at Walt Disney World is fun, few events compare to the size, scope, and engagement of the festival.

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epcot food wine festival2. Plenty of Chances to Attend

Since the festival runs for more than a month, this year it runs from August 31 – November 17 – a whopping 75 days, there are ample opportunities to check it out! Also, all that’s needed is an entrance ticket to EPCOT, the festival doesn’t cost more. It is important to note – the food and beverages are for purchase, they aren’t included in the cost of the ticket, and some special events cost an additional fee. Otherwise, though, purchase an EPCOT ticket, peruse the park, stroll through the festival tents, and enjoy!

3. It’s Like a Permanent World’s Fair Each Year

Ahh, the days of World’s Fairs were so exciting and mind-expanding! These days World’s Fair’s are few and far between, but the festival at EPCOT is basically an annual, permanent, World’s Fair! Explore the cultures and cuisines of countries all around the world without having the leave Orlando!

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4. It’s a Chance to Taste Many New Cuisinesepcot food wine festival

Have you ever tasted Korean BBQ or South African fare before? At the festival, you can. Spend your day(s) hopping from the African booth to the Australian booth and everything in between. Much of the food is sample-size, enabling you to eat a little here and there all day long.

5. Hosts of The Chew Will Be Filming at The Festival

Besides the booths featuring food from around the world, the festival also has hundreds of special events over the course of the 75 days. Something we’re super excited for this year is to catch a glimpse of the hosts of The Chew! The Chew will be filming at the festival from time to time, so we may just get to see some stars! For a full event schedule, visit here.

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6. Palpable Excited Energy

Every single day of the festival, the excited energy is palpable and infectious. Simply strolling around will instill a sense of joy! You have to experience this to believe it!

We could go on and on about the countless reasons we love the festival, but for now, we’ll leave you with these reasons. Suffice it to say the festival is well-worth the cost of a one or multi-day pass to EPCOT and adds a new layer of experiences to enjoy while at the park. If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World during The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, we highly recommend you book accommodations nearby.

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