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Orlando, FL, United States for 6 Simple Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Spring Break Trip in Orlando, Florida

After months of winter and working, spring break starts to sound enticing. Especially a spring break trip to Orlando, Florida. Orlando remains one of the most popular spring break destinations because of the warm weather, sunshine, and theme parks. If you’re planning on traveling to Orlando for spring break this year, we’ve got a few tips in mind to help you maximize your enjoyment!


Spring Break Travel Tips

1. Schedule in Time to Take Advantage of Resort Amenities

As a result of being a vacation town, Orlando has an array of hotels and resorts to choose from. Nearly all of them offer an incredible range of on-site amenities included with your stay. We’re not just talking about your traditional pool and spa; some have water parks, arcades, lakes, and more. In between adventures to the theme parks, pencil in some time to lay out poolside! Taking time to relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer, will make spring break feel more like a break.

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2. Develop a Rough Trip Itinerary Ahead of Time

Nothing wastes more time than debating where to go out to eat, directions, and which activities to do when. Those such details are best sorted out ahead of time, if possible, that way once you’re actually on spring break you can spend all of your time enjoying! Spend a little time before your trip figuring out a rough itinerary. This isn’t to say you have to follow your plan to a T, but having suggested restaurants and helpful details mapped out already may smooth the process!

Bonus Tip – As you develop your spring break schedule, notice which attractions are near one another and arrange to visit those on the same day, if possible.

spring break travel tips

3. Research if There Will be Any Special Events During Your Trip

Orlando theme parks and attractions are exciting on any given day, but occasionally there are extra or special events going on. Keep an eye out for any festivals or ride openings that may be taking place during your trip. This will help you plan twofold – if you want to attend you can plan to, OR if you want to avoid any crowds you know when not to visit the attraction. Off the tops of our heads we know that:

4. While Packing, Think Function and Comfort

Spring break may bring to mind images of strappy sandals, elegant floppy hats, and little sundresses, but keep in mind comfort and function. For those vacationers who intend to visit the theme parks, be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes, a hat that won’t fly off, and plenty of sunscreen. Accessories that you fidget with excessively might not make it through a lengthy day at the parks. We’re not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear, just to encourage you to consider how your apparel will serve you during your trip! A helpful rule of thumb is to focus on the comfort and convenience attributes of everything you pack.

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5. Never Underestimate the Sun


Sunshine is delightful, but it’s also intense. Locals are accustomed to the sunshine, but generally, visitors are surprised by its strength. We recommend bringing plenty of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and clothes that are cool and shielding. Another sun consideration to take is how it affects your energy level. Walking around in the sun for a few hours can be tiring. An Orlando vacation best practice is to schedule in downtime to recover from all that Vitamin D!

spring break travel tips

6. If You’re Staying For a While, Book a Residential Style Resort

Remember that downtime we mentioned? You’ll have much more of it if you stay at a residential-style resort because everything you need will be on-site. Especially for those vacationers staying more than 2-3 days, you might want to cook a dinner or two, get snacks ready for a day at Walt Disney World, or even pop your bathing suit into the washing machine. Residential suites feature a common room where you can gather your spring break group and play games, bond, chat, eat and spend more quality time together.

The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando is one Orlando’s newest resorts and features all residential suite style rooms. At The Grove, you can have all of the comforts of home in addition to all of the amenities of the resort.




Whether spring break is a vacation from work, school, or life in general, you deserve to spend every moment of it relaxing and enjoying! We hope our tips help you and your loved ones to get the most out of your Orlando spring break trip!

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