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Orlando, FL, United States for 6 Tips For Planning a Romantic Getaway to Orlando, Florida

Perhaps it’s due to the abundance of theme parks, but Orlando often gets placed in the “family-friendly” travel category. Not that Orlando isn’t family friendly, it certainly is, but it’s also a fantastic destination for a romantic getaway.


Orlando, romance? Yes. There’s much, much more to Orlando than Walt Disney World (although, there is something about Princesses and happy endings that definitely speaks to romance), plenty of which oozes romance. Midnight swims, candlelit dinners, flower petal strewn suite, we could go on and on.

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway

Have you been eager to sweep your sweetheart off his or her feet and whisk them away to the ultimate romantic getaway?

You absolutely should! Knowing how to plan a romantic getaway is half the battle, and to ensure your romantic Orlando getaway is marvelous, we’ve got 6 tips to help you plan.

1. Plan Your Trip For the Off-Season

This is great advice for any destination, but it rings especially true for Orlando. One of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, Orlando can become a tad crowded in the summer months and the other, typical vacation times. It’s more challenging to feel the romance when you can’t find a lounge chair at the pool, or if dinner reservations for every romantic restaurant in town are booked solid.

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Not to worry though! There is an easy fix to avoiding crowds, simply plan your trip for the off-season. Go in January after the holiday madness, in September once school has begun, in April or May before school ends, etc. Not only will this mean fewer crowds, but it will also mean lower prices. Win-win.

2. Choose a Romantic Resort

Romance is all about the surroundings, and few places are as romantically inclined as an Orlando resort. Water features, elaborate spas, relaxing jacuzzis, and luxurious suites will all work to enhance the heat on your getaway. Be sure to do your due diligence and research all of your resort options, even take a virtual tour of the rooms and grounds to ensure you find a place that looks as romantic as you feel towards your sweetheart! Another perk of staying at a resort is convenience. Having everything you need – food, beverages, pool, spa, activities, etc. – in one place will ensure the getaway goes smoothly.

Recommended resort – The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando

3. The Trick is in The Packing

Not only is Orlando a romantic destination all on its own, but you can bring extra romance with you! Especially if you’re driving, or bringing a checked bag if you’re flying, here are some romance enhancers to pack:

– Candles – set the ambiance in your room
– Bath Bubbles – relax after an enjoyable day
– Flower Petals – the ultimate romantic decor

4. Plan Out Secret Excursions

Perhaps the entire getaway is a big secret, but in case it isn’t (as it’s not so easy to keep a trip secret due to work schedules and the like), scatter secret romantic rendezvous throughout your itinerary. Since Orlando is warm and sunshine-filled year-round, it’s an excellent place to get outdoors and spend quality time with one another! A few secret excursion ideas include:

– Glide around Lake Austin in a Swan Boat
– Get a bite to eat or go for a stroll in romantic Hannibal Square
– For those late-night couples not afraid of the dark, plan to go on a moonlight walking tour at Greenwood Cemetery where you can visit over 100 graves of notable individuals in Orlando’s history. The tour is free, but be sure to register in advance!
– Take in an independent, foreign or classic film at the one-screen Enzian Theater, which also offers one of the prettiest outdoor bars in all of Orlando – Enzians Eden Bar.
– Go for a romantic canoe ride at Wekiwa Springs
– Stroll along Disney Springs romantic boardwalk, stretching a quarter mile long lined with shops and restaurants

Arrange for a couples massage or other spa treatment at the spa at your chosen resort

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5. Pick Out Romantic Restaurants Ahead of Time

Arguing about where to eat, or simply arguing because you’re hungry and can’t figure out where to go, is the opposite of romance! To ensure this doesn’t occur, and to ensure every meal out is yet another chance for romance, pick out some excellent dining options ahead of time. Orlando is quite the foodie town, and as a result, has a never ending supply of dining establishments, some of our favorites for romance are:

  • Enzo’s on the Lake – Just as picturesque as it sounds, dine alongside a beautiful lake surrounded by lush foliage.
  • Hillstone – Set on Lake Killarney, grab two Adirondack chairs and gaze upon the romantic sunset views as you dine and drink.
  • Chez Vincent – The French may have very well invented romance as we know it, and this Parisian restaurant oozes the very stuff
  • K Restaurant – a Chic, modern decorate restaurant featuring American cuisine
  • Prato – Italian fare is the quintessential romantic dinner, and at Prato, everything is handmade and mouthwateringly delicious

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6. Plan Plenty of Lounging Around Time

Trust us, a romantic getaway is a time to just kick back, relax, and lounge in your resort bathrobes all day, if so desired. This is why it’s so important to choose the best accommodations for your needs, so you can happily lounge around with your honey. A jam-packed schedule will just leave the two of you exhausted. Enjoy this time with one another and be sure to purposefully plan little or nothing to do. If you wake one day and are in the mood to go, go, go, then go! Otherwise, enjoy the peaceful cocoon of your resort room.

Follow these six tips and you’ll be well on your way to the most romantic getaway to date. The Grove Resort & Spa is Orlando’s newest luxury resort and it features large, residential-style suites. If you intend to spend plenty of time relaxing in your room, enjoy the amenities of The Grove’s suites, each of which features a kitchen, balcony, washer & dryer, and living room. We hope you have a delightful getaway!

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