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Orlando, FL, United States for Bask in All The Romance With a Getaway to Orlando, Florida

Orlando evokes images of Disney princesses, twirling roller coasters, and extravagant water parks. But what about romance? Is Orlando synonymous with romance? For most people, likely not, yet for us – self-proclaimed Orlando experts – we know Orlando is quite the romantic city! Many of the same reasons that excite and enchant children while in Orlando, also inspire romance in us adults! That may sound odd, but hear us out! You may discover that the perfect romantic getaway awaits in the City Beautiful!


Is There Romance in Orlando? Yes! Here’s Why.

Curious as to how Orlando set the stage for an amorous experience? Let us explain with six of our favorite reasons:

Princesses, Castles, and Timeless Love

Though it may seem oriented towards children, Walt Disney World oozes love! Especially if you and your significant other are fans of the Disney movies, it’s impossible not to feel romantic as you stroll through the magical surroundings. Nearly every Disney movie has an epic love story, which is illuminated in many ways throughout the parks.

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Smooches in a Swan Boat

One of the lesser-known gems of Orlando is our very own Lake Austin. Conveniently situated on resort property, Lake Austin features charming swan-shaped paddle boats! Imagine sitting next to your sweetheart atop one of the elegant swan boats, paddling around the picturesque lake. It’s a scene that will feel right out of a movie.

romance in orlando

Re-create Magical Moments From Disney Movies

We’ve touched upon how romantic Walt Disney World is, and now we want to illuminate two ways you can recreate some of the most loving moments from the movies, yourselves!:

  • Share a spaghetti and meatball dinner at Tony’s Town Square just like from Lady and The Tramp.
  • Ride off into the sunset a la Cinderella and her prince in an actual horse-drawn carriage!

Drink The Elixir of Love Around The World

EPCOT features 11 countries in its World Showcase, and within each one, you can taste a unique wine from that country! Go on a self-guided global wine tasting tour. As you taste the wine, you can indulge in the different cuisine offerings of each country, take in the incredible surroundings, and share precious moments! Who knows, you may just be inspired to plan a trip to Morocco, Italy, or Japan!

romance in orlando

The Meditation Room at Escape Spa, The Grove Resort & Spa


Indulge in Relaxation

The spa scene in Orlando is spectacular. There are more luxury spas in Orlando than theme parks, and what speaks to romance as deeply as a deep tissue couples massage? You can happily spend part of your getaway relaxing your mind, body, and soul with couples spa treatment or two. Most resorts feature their own luxury spas, so you won’t even have to leave the resort to accomplish this!

Fall in Love, Again, Over Dinner

Cuisine is a big deal in Orlando, and over the past few decades, the city has become quite a foodie town, attracting chefs, restaurateurs, and food critics. There is an abundance of gifted chefs, five-star restaurants, and romantic settings to dine in. If the pair of you are Disney World fans, then we recommend choosing from their wide array of dining options. If you’re less interested in Walt Disney World, then we propose referring to the Orlando cuisine experts for restaurant ideas.

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romance in orlando

Gourmet Food, Delicious Drinks, and A Movie Theater

Hands down one of our favorite romantic spots in Orlando is Eden Bar, which is further enhanced by being next door to Enzian Theater. The theater is one-screen with table seating, allowing guests to dine, sip, and savor while watching a film together. Before or after the film, head to Eden Bar next door, which is an outdoor bar filled with giant oak trees covered in moss creating a truly magical ambiance.

The kids can keep their characters and thrill rides, and you and your sweetheart can take advantage of all the romantic spots, experiences, and moments. There is something for everyone in Orlando, but most especially for those in love.

Perhaps the most important detail of a romantic getaway is the resort. The Grove Resort & Spa, one of Orlando’s newest resorts, has everything needed for the ultimate amorous trip. Relax poolside, cruise around the lake, indulge at the spa, dine at Valencia Restaurant, and rest in a cozy suite-style room. Plan a Valentine’s getaway, a just-because trip, or a reprieve from a busy work schedule!

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