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Orlando, FL, United States for Considering a Vacation Rental Purchase? We Know Just the Place

In today’s world, you can pay for a vacation or have your vacation pay you.

Or rather we should say, have your vacation rental purchase pay you. Seriously, most large resorts in desirable destinations offer the ability to purchase your very own suite, which you can then rent out the rest of the year when you aren’t vacationing.


Naturally, this concept works better in some destinations compared to others. One such ideal vacation rental purchase destination is The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando in Florida. Have we piqued your interest? Here are some quick, easy, and excellent reasons why you should consider a vacation rental purchase at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando:

Orlando is a Top Tourist Destination

No matter how much you might love renting a lodge in Montana, the fact remains that Montana does not attract hordes of tourists all year, every year. If you truly want your vacation rental purchase to make money when you aren’t using it, then Orlando is a much surer bet. More than 68 million people visited in 2016!

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The Weather is Oh, So, Fine

The U.S. boats no lack in fantastic places to visit, yet many of our nation’s top destinations only attract tourists a few months out of the year. Orlando is a rare exception – tourism remains strong all year long. The city does have peak tourist times, but there is a constant stream of visitors throughout the year since the weather remains warm. There’s a reason folks decide to retire in Florida!

Everything is Brand New and State of the Art

The Grove Resort & Spa only opened it’s doors this year, meaning everything is brand new and state of the art. Rather than investing your money in a fixer-upper or a dated resort, you can rest assured everything is new, aesthetically pleasing, and fully operational.

Resort Amenities Are Second to None

Not only will you and your family have access to the Surfari Waterpark, Lake Austin, the Spa, arcade, and more, but so will your renters. The Grove has plenty to entertain for all age groups, even adults. There’s an adults-only pool where relaxation and luxury go hand in hand.

It’s a Mere Five Minutes From Walt Disney World

In Orlando, location is everything. The Grove Resort & Spa is only five minutes from Walt Disney World, making it a prime location, especially for family fun.

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The Suites Are Sweet

Entirely comprised of suites, The Grove is meant for nice, cozy long vacations where vacationers can easily cook, do laundry, and spend quality time with one another. The suites are perfect for any travel group – couples, friends, families, business groups, etc. Each suite has a washer and dryer, full kitchen, living room, balcony, and plenty of space.

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Everything is Managed Expertly

One of the real challenges of vacation rental properties is managing them. If you lead a busy life, when will you have time to deal with renting out your property? With your Grove rental, you won’t need to worry about it. Owners have the option to place their rentals into the rental program, which is expertly managed by Benchmark Hospitality International. If you’d prefer to DIY then, of course, you are more than welcome too as well.

The best part? Orlando is constantly growing. Some destinations reach a peak in their tourism history, but Orlando is still on the rise. Walt Disney World is a global icon and one that people travel to from around the world. New attractions pop up in Orlando each year, and the weather continues to please. Not only can you look forward to your rental remaining popular, but you can look forward to a lifetime of fantastic vacations in Orlando!

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