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Orlando, FL, United States for Disney World Secrets – Little Known Facts to Make Your Next Trip Even More Awesome

Castles, characters, and dreams combine in Walt Disney World to create more magic than most places on Earth. It’s a truly magnificent place, and if you have plans to visit, you’re in for a wonderful experience!  

Keep in mind, though, that Walt Disney World is both magical and enormous! Walt Disney World features four theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, and Disney’s BoardWalk. Phew, that’s a lot of ground to cover in one trip!


Exploring Walt Disney World is sometimes akin to the feeling of having moved somewhere new. When you move somewhere new, you aren’t yet familiar with which driving routes are the quickest, which grocery stores have the items you prefer, where the closest mailbox is, where the cheapest gas station is, etc. etc. It takes time to learn those tips and tricks that will ultimately make life easier!

Our Favorite Disney World Secrets – SHH!

At Walt Disney World, there are plenty of little known tips, tricks, and secrets that will make any experience even more awesome. Though you may not have been to Walt Disney World enough to know them yet, we have, and we’re happy to share some of our favorites with you!

The Parks Open Earlier Than The Posted Time

Arrive at the parks before they open, and chances are you’ll be able to go in earlier than 9 a.m. Every park opens before 9 a.m., sometimes just slightly, sometimes an entire half hour! That’s prime time to grab some fast passes, or get in line in one of the more popular rides! Plan on arriving by 8:20 or 8:30 a.m.

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Follow The Tripods

There are so many delightful nighttime shows and fireworks to watch, but they’re usually a bit crowded and hard to see. Most park-goers toting a tripod around mean serious business and they’ll already know or find the best spot to see and take pictures.

Pack Snacks

disney world secretsJust know that every single thing at Walt Disney World is overpriced to the max. If saving a bit of money is important to you, then packing snacks is a great way to do so. Since you’ll likely be at the park all day, not having to buy little snacks here and there will add up as savings!

Get a Fourth FastPass

According to Walt Disney World Prep School, you can actually get a fourth FastPass if you immediately open the My Disney Experience App after checking in for your third FastPass+ Reservation.

Check Your Receipts

Oftentimes Disney World receipts may have a coupon included. Sometimes there’s a 10% off of Disney Springs merchandise that can be found on The Magic Kingdom Quick Service restaurant receipts.

Check Sam’s Club, Costco, and Target For Park Discounts

Sam’s Club and Costco have been known to feature discounted Disney gift cards.

Have Everyone in Group Connect as Friends Within My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience is essentially an app/website that helps you organize and plan your trip. If you have everyone in your group connect as friends within the app, you’ll be able to book FastPass+ reservations at the same time.

Just in Case, Take Pictures of Everything

disney world secretsIt’s a good idea to be prepared in case the internet connection is spotty, or you forget something. Take a picture of your parking spot, take a picture of your reservations, etc. That way, no matter what happens you’ll have access to the information you need, anytime.

Conserve Your Phone Battery

Most people spend entire days strolling through the parks. This is a long time for your phone to be fairly active – i.e. taking pictures, looking things up, using My Disney Experience, etc. To ensure your phone is functional all day, put it in battery conservation mode. It’s also wise to have a portable cell phone power pack.

Ice Water is Always Free

You don’t need to carry around tons of extra water bottles – just bring a refillable one! Head to any restaurant where ice water is free.

Make Your Dining Reservations in Advance

Dining is a big deal in Walt Disney World, and reservations book up well ahead of time. In fact, you’re able to make reservations six months in advance, and it’s recommended you do so. Don’t have that much time to plan? No problem, just make reservations as soon as you can!


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Ride Popular Rides During Parades

Hate long lines? Head to some of the big rides while everyone else is at the parade.

Visit the Animal Kingdom in The Morning

The animals get fed in the morning, so if you visit first thing in the morning, the chances of seeing them out and about are high!

Alright! Now that you’ve got a few Disney World secrets in hand, you can start planning, or enjoying, your Walt Disney World trip!

Perhaps the best tip of all that we can offer, is to stay at a resort offering suite-style rooms. Especially if your trip is longer than a few days, you’ll want to be able to spread out in your rooms, maybe do some laundry, have a kitchen, and keep everyone together while also have separate spaces. The recently opened Grove Resort & Spa Orlando is one such resort featuring only suite-style rooms and borders Walt Disney World. Plan your trip, book your stay at The Grove, and make lifelong memories! Walt Disney World, here you come!


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