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Orlando, FL, United States for Do Disney Like a Pro! Disney World Tips and Tricks For a Most Magical Experience

Castles, princesses, and magic. The elements we all imagine when imagining the great Walt Disney World. And magical it is. No doubt about it.

Yet…with spring in full force and summer around the corner, thousands of people are already planning their 2017 trip to Disney World.

Which is great. Right? If you’re also planning an upcoming Disney trip, it means you’ll be sharing the most magical place on Earth with a few thousand others who also desire a dose of Disney.

Spring and summer are Disney World’s busiest seasons but fret not. We’ve become quite the Disney World experts, and have prepared 10 simple Disney World hacks to ensure your trip is every ounce as magical as you intend for it to be.

A trip to Disney World can be seamless, enjoyable, and cost-effective (within reason, it is Walt Disney World, after all) if you know the Disney World tips and tricks. We know them, and now you will too if you keep reading.

Disney World Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Really Into Planning? Get The Guidebook

Yes, Disney World has it’s very own guidebook, and it’s extraordinarily useful. Want to ensure you know everything about the theme parks? Eager to figure out how you can squeeze as much in as possible? Ready to learn about every single change and update since you were last at Disney World? Purchase the guidebook, it has all the answers.

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Get a (Free) Disney Certified Travel Agent

Oh yes, you can sit back, relax, and let a certified, complimentary travel agent plan your Disney World trip. Although, don’t neglect to tell them where you’re staying if you don’t intend on staying on property (Disney World accommodations are the priciest and least cost-effective), so they know to just give you park ticket options. These agents are free because they get paid by Disney World, so use away!

Make an ADR or Two

ADR = advance dining reservation = the best thing ever. Sure, there are plenty of dining establishments throughout the theme parks, but in the busy season they fill up quickly! No worries, once you know when you’ll be going to the park you can go online, check out the restaurant options in the park you’ll be in, choose where you want to eat, and make your advanced reservation. Voila!

Download, and Use, The My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience App is a comprehensive app you can download to your smartphone. The app can be used for preplanning, and will help you decide what you want to do when, where everything is located, and much more.

When You Need a Rest, Head For The Walt Disney World Railroad

The only ride that doesn’t force the riders off after a single circuit, the Walt Disney World Railroad is an excellent place to sit back and relax for as long as desired. The trip circles the Magic Kingdom, each trip takes about 25 minutes.

Skip Daytime Parades and Opt For Evening Ones Instead

Daytime park parades are crowded and, usually, hot. The same parades happen in the evening when it’s cooler and less crowded, and the evening parades are illuminated!

You Can Get Up to Three Fastpasses – Get Them!

Fastpass is a program Disney World offers where you can get to one of the more popular rides, find the Fastpass machine, get a ticket, and then later return at the designated time. What this does is allow you to arrive at the ride (within a one hour window noted on the ticket) and not have to wait in line. Lines can be ridiculous, up to two hours or more for some of the most sought after rides. Be strategic – decide which rides merit Fastpasses and go get your passes!

Don’t Rent a Stroller at Disney World

Seriously, don’t do it. They’re way overpriced, terrible quality, and you won’t be able to use it on the walk to and from the car. Rent one from a local Orlando company instead! Cheaper, better quality, and you’ll have it from car to park and back.

Bring These Items With You

Every single item for sale at Disney World is extravagantly priced. It has always been that way, and always will. Here are some items you will likely need, that we recommend bringing with you to save a few bucks:

Poncho (In case of rain)
Ziplock bags (In case of rain, etc.)
Bottled Water
Flip Flops/Crocs (In case of rain)

Get to The Park Before The “Rope Drop”

Orlando is a vacation for many park goers, and as a result slow, lazy mornings are the norm. This provides a valuable opportunity for you – get to the park before opening, before the cast members “drop the ropes” to let everyone in. This way, you’ll have first dibs on many of the rides and avoid long lines… at least in the morning.

Undoubtedly, your trip to Orlando and experience at Walt Disney World will be incredible and magical every step of the way – especially if you heed our Disney World tips and tricks!

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We hope you find ease of planning and enjoy your trip immensely!

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