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Orlando, FL, United States for Let the Spring Break Countdown Begin! 8 Tips to Help You Plan For Orlando

Palm trees, sunny skies, and the freedom to wear flip flops. Sound nice right about now? Since many of you are in the throes of winter, we thought we might try to take your mind off of the cold and onto brighter days ahead – spring break 2017.

Orlando is definitely the best spring break location – it’s warm, sunny, and features an impressive array of entertainment and activities fit for any age range. Visit as a couple, with the kids, with the extended family, as a school group, etc. Orlando can accommodate any group at any time of year. To ensure you have an incredible, fun, and stress-free Orlando spring break, here are a few of our tried and true insider tips on planning your trip.

Orlando is a Must-Visit Spring Break Location – Tips for Planning

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

This isn’t to say you have to have every single detail of each day mapped out in advance, but you definitely want to begin the planning process as much in advance as possible. Especially for the big things like hotel reservations, flights, and any special activities that could become sold out. So the first general tip – start your planning early. If you’re reading this before, say, February, you’re right on track!

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Consider the Month, and Then Plan Accordingly

March is one of the busiest and most popular months to visit Orlando. Is that because it’s when most people are on spring break? Yes. If your spring break, or child’s spring break rather, falls in this month be aware that:

– You should definitely plan ahead of time and BOOK ahead of time, especially your flight and accommodations
– You may want to skip certain attractions and opt for less insanely popular ones, more on that later

Packing Considerations

best spring break location – packingThis may sound silly, but don’t forget your swimsuit! It’s way more common than you might think that people, especially coming from cold weather places, forget the swimsuit. Not only will your hotel or resort have a pool, but all of the theme parks have water rides or entire water parks as well. Also, you will want tennis shoes, especially if you’re going to be spending entire days at the theme parks. Flip flops are fabulous, but only for short periods of time or if you aren’t walking far.

Theme Park Do’s and Don’ts

More likely than not, you will be visiting one or more theme parks over the course of your stay. There are some very definite things you will want to DO and things we would strongly advise you DON’T do:

– Do arrive at the park before it opens
– Don’t forget to schedule rest breaks, or entire rest days, spending all day every day at the theme parks will leave you drained instead of re-charged!
– Do grab your FastPasses first thing upon arriving to the parks, and try to schedule for the afternoon when the lines are longest for the most popular rides.
– Don’t try to eat lunch, or any other regular meal, at the usual meal times when every single other park visitor is doing so as well.
– Do visit popular rides during parades, firework shows, and other big events that will keep everyone else occupied.
– Don’t forget to bring snacks, or even lunch, if you are trying to economize at all. The food and beverages at theme parks are very pricey!

Take Time to Enjoy Water Parks and Pools

Orlando is a popular spring break destination because it’s warm. Warm, and sometimes hot, meaning any and all water play feels amazing! As mentioned before, the theme parks feature water rides, and some have entire water parks. But, every Orlando resort worth its salt will have at least one pool, and likely an entire water park of its own. Taking a day just to play in the water and enjoy the warm temperature and cool water will feel so refreshing and relaxing, the way a vacation should!

Opt For a Suite-Style Hotel Room

This is especially key if your Orlando spring break trip is going to be four days or more. Having the freedom to cook, do laundry, and have shared spaces to hang out with your group will enhance your experience tenfold. Sleep in separate rooms and gather in the common room when you want. It’s a win-win for everyone and helps ensure that the whole group is happy and well-rested.

Grocery Shopping For the Win

If you do decide to stay in a suite with a kitchen, take advantage of the kitchen and do a little grocery shopping. Unless you definitely want to eat at the hotel or out for every single meal and snack, grocery shopping will allow you to spend less money at theme parks or while out and about. Not to mention that you can cater to the picky eaters, special dietary needs eaters, etc.

Keep the Peace

This mainly applies if your trip involves more than just two people. Orlando has a variety of attractions, and for everyone’s best enjoyment it’s a great idea to lay out your priorities in advance. Ask each person in your group what they want to do, see, or experience the most, and then plan your itinerary based on everyone’s responses. This way, everyone is aware of, and understands, the priorities and desires of everyone else, rather than arriving in Orlando and discovering otherwise. Happy group = happy and fun trip!

Your trip is going to be absolutely incredible, and we suggest beginning your countdown ASAP! Not only are we full of insider tips for vacationing in Orlando, but we can also offer you a solution to any accommodation problem or need – stay at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando. Opening this March 10, 2017. The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando is an all-suite resort featuring 2 & 3 bedroom suites for your convenience and enjoyment.

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