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Orlando, FL, United States for Travel Tips to Help You Savor Every Moment of Your Long Weekend Getaway

Let’s talk the truth – a weekend consisting of Saturday and Sunday goes by all too quickly. In fact, two days isn’t usually enough to fully relax before the next five day work week. Which is exactly why a loooong weekend, emphasis on the loooong, is something to absolutely savor.


Long Weekend Getaway Ideas – Tips for Making It Epic

A long weekend is the ideal time for a getaway, somewhere not too far (sorry Fiji, next time) but far enough to feel like you’ve escaped for a while. To take full advantage of your next long weekend, here are some tips to take into consideration:

Take Care of the Details

Once we’re in a routine, it’s easy to forget that we won’t be home on the Friday of our long weekend for our usual hair cut. Take a quick inventory of what you might need to rearrange for your long weekend to work. If your kids will be missing an extra day or two of school, let the school know and find out what work they will need to complete over the long weekend.

Plan Your Getaway Now!

Utilize the Travel Deal Sites

long weekend getaway ideasNever before has there been a plethora of ways to get travel deals! Head to LivingSocial, TripAdvisor, Kayak and more to see which hotels, resorts, and attractions can be booked for less!

Squeeze Every Second Out of the Weekend

There are times to consider the budget, and then there are times to consider, well, time! If the destination you have in mind requires hopping on a plane, splurge for the non-stop flight. Why? Extra time for fun! Here are a few more ways to save the seconds, minutes, and hours of your weekend:

Check Out Social Media For Ideas

Hoping to get off the beaten track? Looking for the perfect place to eat with the family? Social media is travel central, and spending a few minutes looking through #Orlando (if that’s your destination) will reveal thousands (even millions) of travel photos. If a photo catches your eye, click on it and see if it’s someplace you may want to go!

Limit Screen Time

Long Weekend Getaway IdeasThe quickest way to start relaxing and enjoying? Get off your phone, tablet, and laptop. Allow yourself to just be in the moment, enjoying for the sake of enjoying. End of story.

Keep it Balanced

If you want to be on the go, pencil in downtime. If you know lounging poolside is your activity of choice, schedule in one or two more active outings. Give yourself a bit of balance to get the most out of your getaway.

Each of these six tips will set you up for the ultimate long weekend getaway. All that matters, in the end, is that you have a great time and return home feeling refreshed. Can’t decide where to go on your next long weekend? We can help. Head to a place where relaxation, adventure, and sight-seeing exist cohesively. A place where space is abundant and stress is lacking. Book your stay at Orlando’s newest resort – The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando.

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