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Orlando, FL, United States for Vacationing With Grandparents is Fun! As Long as You Follow These Three Steps

Vacations have many purposes to them. To relax, explore a new destination and culture, and to bond with loved ones. Typically speaking, any multi-generational travel is going to mostly fall into the last category – bonding with loved ones. Though vacations are meant to be relaxing, it’s no secret that they don’t always turn out that way, especially when there a few different age groups involved. Don’t let that discourage you! We’re here to let you in on our secrets to vacationing with grandparents, and by default – your children too. There are few key steps you can take, while planning your getaway, to ensure that your vacation is every bit as relaxing, fun and memory filled as you envision.

Vacationing with grandparents? Simply follow the trifecta of vacation advice, the triple “S” strategy:

Sensational Setting

The setting can make or break your vacation. There are two components to the setting: the destination, and the hotel/resort. As far as the destination goes, opt for somewhere featuring plenty to do for all ages involved. If your kids are older than babies, seek somewhere with theme parks, or outdoor adventure, etc. If the grandparents are pretty mobile, then most destinations will work. If the grandparents are less mobile, then be sure to research the more relaxing activity options with less emphasis on physical requirements.

Same goes for the hotel/resort options. Choose a hotel/resort that is convenient for those in your party. A suite-style room with multiple bedrooms will ensure everyone is more comfortable, able to sleep, and offers a nice blend of alone time. Generally speaking, resorts will be more suited to multi-generational vacationers due to their abundance of options. For example, the grandparents can take the kids to the pool, while the parents head to the on-site restaurant and bar for a quick date. Or, if the kids are older, they can go to the on-site arcade or game room to play with one another, while the parents and grandparents play a round of golf, etc. Also check that the resort you have in mind is convenient – easily accessible elevators, plenty of cuisine options and close to attractions.

Strategic Schedule

Vacations offer an opportunity to do away with one’s schedule. There’s something to be said for having a general itinerary, so the show moves smoothly. Since the grandparents are along for the ride, they probably want some alone time with their grandkids. This is ideal for you parents, you can have a break! Take a little time before the vacation begins, or on the first day, to lay out a schedule of when the grandparents are with the kids, when everyone is together, and when the grandparents are off on their own. This way, the whole gang can maximize the fun and minimize any chaos. If you’re developing an itinerary and schedule ahead, you can take the time to make any necessary reservations and book tickets or excursions, that way once you’re vacationing it will all go smoothly, everyone will get to do what they want, and it’s a happy time.

Superb Season

Navigating a new destination during peak season with both your parents and your children might not be the ideal situation. Peak season is called “peak” because it’s when the majority of people have time off and the weather is at its best. So if that’s the only time you can go, of course, you should still go! But, if you do have flexibility in your schedule, it’s advisable to take a vacation during a shoulder season.

If you’re unfamiliar with the shoulder season concept, let us enlighten you. It all depends on the destination. Take Florida for instance – May and September are both great months to visit because crowds are less, and sometimes prices too.

If you haven’t already guessed, the benefits of vacationing during a shoulder season are excellent. When it comes time to go to the pool, you won’t need to worry about whether or not there are enough free chaise lounges for all five, six, or more of you. Set up close to the pool, let the grandparents settle in with a book, and keep a close eye on the kids while relaxing. Securing a table at dinner, renting kayaks, or booking a spa appointment will all be a breeze.

Follow the triple “S’s, ” and you are headed for vacation bliss. There’s so much joy in making lifelong memories with all your loved ones. If Orlando is a destination you’re considering, there’s a brand new all-suite resort opening in February of 2017 that is ideal for multi-generational travel.

Researching, finding and then booking a stay at a resort featuring the best room type for your multi-generational group isn’t always as simple as desired. Suite style rooms can get booked well in advance due to high demand. The Grove Resort & Spa is a getaway within itself, and exclusively offers generously sized all-suite accommodations. Choose from one bedroom, two bathrooms, two bedrooms two bathrooms, or even three bedrooms with two-three bathrooms. Each residential style suite features a living room, full kitchen, full-size washer and dryer and a screened balcony. Each room ranges from 995 – 1,614 square feet.

Insider Tip

Reserve a two or three bedroom suite for more room to spread out!

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