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Orlando, FL, USA for 5 Hotel Hacks That Will Ensure Your Stay at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando is Exceptional

hotel hacks

Can you recall a time where you wished you would have known something ahead of time? We’ve all been there, lost in the “what-if” of a situation, wishing that we’d known that useful piece of information earlier.


Vacations, in particular, are often filled with these moments. What if we could know, ahead of time, which dish on the menu is sensational or where the actual best beach is, not just the most popular?

Hotel Hacks for Your Orlando Visit

Here at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando, we want to help you know all of the thingsbefore you arrive. Before you even begin planning your trip, for that matter. The more resort secrets you know, the more you can maximize your time and fun! We’ve whipped up five hotel hacks that will help to ensure your vacation is filled with “I’m so glad I already knew that,” moments!

1. Utilize the Digital Resort Guide

Rather than waiting until you arrive to the resort to start planning your activities, why not get a clear picture of what’s available prior to your trip? This way, you can balance on-site experiences with the various theme parks you’d like to visit. Additionally, the digital guide lists every holiday, national day, and special occasion happening over the next few months, in case you want to plan your stay accordingly. In general, it’s an extremely helpful guide for getting an idea of how you’d like to structure your vacation!

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2. Always Check The Special Offers Page

Why not get a sweet deal, if there’s a sweet deal to be gotten? At The Grove there’s almost always a package or special offer that combines a few nights stay with extra experiences. Rather than booking just your stay, you can choose a package where you’ll get the stay and a spa treatment, for example. This is a great way to experience more, for less. We recommend checking back often as seasonal discounts are offered from time to time.

The above tips are meant to be utilized before your visit. Here are three hacks that you can use during your stay.

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Once You’re At The Grove

hotel hacks

3. Flip on The TV

Everything you could possibly need to know about the resort is shown on the guest room TVs. Upon arrival to your room, all you need to do is flip on the TV. From there, you’ll be able to see hours of operations, a list of on-site activities, and any specials happening at the restaurants.

4. Visit the Hammock Cove

As you’re walking along the path towards the on-site water park, Surfari, you’ll come across some hammocks. This area is called Hammock Cove and, trust us, you won’t want to leave! It feels like a mini beach in the middle of Florida, with sand and everything. Kids love to play in the sand, and the adults love to chill out in the hammocks. It’s quite the zen zone and well-worth knowing of.

learn to surf

5. Try the FlowRider

Sure, surfing may not be for everyone, but trust us when we say – try the FlowRider! It’s a unique simulated wave ride, only one of a few in the state, and it’s an insanely fun time. You don’t need to have any prior surfing experience. Falling into the water happens to all of us, even the instructors! You’ll laugh, feel exhilarated, and be reminded why being alive is just so good!

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Alright, we’re hoping that with all of these hotel hacks, you won’t find yourself wishing “I wish I would have known …” next time you’re on vacation at The Grove! For those who implement our advice, we’re fairly certain you’ll have one of the best vacations yet. To learn more about the resort and book your stay, visit here. Happy planning!

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