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Orlando, FL, USA for 5 Team Building Activities to Enhance the Energy, Connection, and Revenue of Your Company

5 Team Building Activities to Enhance the Energy, Connection, and Revenue of Your Company

corporate team building activities

Often the difference between a multi-billion dollar company and a multi-million dollar company comes down to how interconnected and enthusiastic its team members are. Studies show that employees who spend time together outside of the workplace forge stronger bonds which results in increased motivation and dedication within the workplace.


The companies that understand this and create forums outside of the office for team members to interact and connect reap the rewards of enhanced company culture and improved profits. Corporate team-building is an opportunity to build a strong and long-lasting company, and it’s much easier to facilitate than most people realize. Rather than spending a few hours every so often practicing trust falls in the office conference room, consider taking your team on a combined business and leisure trip. Choose a hotel or resort that offers specialized team building exercises, and gift your team the opportunity to travel, bond, and grow together. Trust us; this is an investment that will offer an excellent ROI in more ways than one!

Corporate Team Building Activities

Here are a few of our favorite ways to facilitate team building here at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando:

1. Cardboard Boat Regatta

Each team will be given a set of materials and tasked with building a boat to sail across the pool, with a team member inside the boat! It remains to be seen which teams will successfully sail a team member across the pool without sinking! Plenty of laughs are involved in this epic team bonding adventure.

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2. The “Amazing Chase” Scavenger Hunt

From one end of the resort to the next, your employees will be galavanting around the resort grounds attempting to complete challenges and decode clues. Each team will have to learn how to harness the various skill sets and intellect of every member to work together to complete the hunt, first! May the most connected team win!

corporate team building activities

3. Fishing Tournament

On the grounds of The Grove Resort lies Lake Austin, a lake packed with fish, and another ideal setting for some seriously fun team bonding. This activity is simple, in theory, we put your team into groups and then challenge each team to catch the most fish. Easy, right? As your teams will discover, fishing requires patience, technique, innovation, and teamwork!

4. Uncork Your Creativity

For this activity, the focus is less on team building and more on team bonding. For a few hours, we create an environment where your team can allow their creative juices to flow, together. Each person will choose a canvas, frame, or wine glass to paint. Wine is also included, which will help the creative process along, or so we hypothesize. Watch as your team admires each other’s artwork, laughs together, and bonds over the experience of painting together.

corporate team building activities

5. Team Trivia Challenge

As your team will discover over the course of their stay at The Grove, everyone is intelligent and capable in different ways. No one is as smart as everyone, and this is demonstrated beautifully with trivia. Our quizmaster will choose a selection of questions from a variety of categories, so that each person has a relatively equal chance at knowing the answer to some of the questions, at least. Each trivia team will get to learn about one another’s strong subjects, and contribute to the overall success of the group!

In between team facilitate team building and bonding activities, your employees will be free to roam about the resort relaxing, dining, and socializing with each other. Chances are just as much bonding will take place in between activities, and your entire team will return to work infinitely more engaged. The more your team members admire, respect, and enjoy one another, the more reasons they have to look forward to work each day! You’ll get to sit back and observe as the office becomes abuzz with energy, activity, collaborations, and new successes.

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