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Orlando, FL, USA for Four Top-Notch Disney Souvenir Hacks You’ll Want to Know Before You Go

Disney World Souvenirs

Aside from the magical ambiance and incredible rides, possibly the next most popular aspect of the Walt Disney World experience is purchasing souvenirs. How can anyone possibly resist Mickey or Minnie mouse ears when they’re just so cute? Who doesn’t want to capture a little magic to look at every day in the form of a Disney-themed iPhone case?


It’s all just too tempting to resist, trust us we know. The tricky part is looking at one’s bank statement after the trip. Thoughts of, did I need to spend $40 on a stuffed animal or “what is this $80 charge? Oh, right, I bought mugs for the entire family.” The truth is, you will likely feel the need to buy all the things because the Disney magic works its way into the heart thus affecting the brain’s capacity to make a rational decision.

Tips for Shopping for Disney World Souvenirs

Take this advice from Orlando locals who have been visiting Disney for decades, resisting altogether is futile, but there is another way! As it happens, there are a few Disney souvenir hacks that we’ve developed over the years, and we’re happy to share them with you. Ways to have the souvenirs without putting quite as hefty of a dent in the vacation budget. The more you save on souvenirs, the more you’ll have to spend on food, experiences, and future vacations! Consider this our summer vacation gift to you.

Visit The Disney Outlet Store

Save all of your precious time at the parks by postponing the souvenir shopping for the Disney Outlet Store, instead. The Outlet store features every imaginable souvenir item all in one convenient building, making it super simple to spend a few hours perusing. Not to mention everything in the store is discounted. If you are visiting Orlando with kids, we suggest setting an expectation before going in, i.e., “you may pick out one item,” that way everyone will leave happy and satisfied!

disney world souvenirs

Splurge For The Annual Pass

If you already know you need Walt Disney World in your life multiple times a year, then you’re going to need an annual pass. Not only do the annual passes save you entrance ticket money, but they also have an array of other perks, including a 20% discount off most merchandise stores as well as 10% off dining. If you do happen to find the perfect souvenir while in the parks, then you can at least know you’re getting a slight discount!

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Target Red Cards For The Win

disney world souvenirsLoving Target and Walt Disney World often go hand in hand. Both places are filled with wonder, discovery, and joy. It just so happens that anytime you purchase a Disney gift card with your Target Red Card, you get 5% off. So go ahead, buy a few gift cards, save a few bucks, and buy that souvenir you’ve been dreaming of the entire trip!

Souvenirs From Non-Disney Places

There’s no need to only shop for souvenirs at the parks or Disney stores, Disney paraphernalia is sold all over Orlando! Pop into Walmart, Target, or even the shop(s) in your resort, and you’ll find all sorts of Disney goodies! More often than not, Disney souvenirs found outside of Disney stores are less expensive or more likely to go on sale. Here at The Grove, you can find plenty of Disney souvenirs at the Alfresco Market. Purchase your souvenirs before or after being at the parks and save every ounce of park time thoroughly enjoying the rides, shows, and experiences!

Alright, now you’re fully equipped with our best Disney souvenir hacks, and we hope you find them useful! You may have a few souvenir hacks of your own to add to the list after your next Disney trip, and we would love to hear them! If you’d like any further assistance planning your trip, or are looking for a luxurious and family-friendly resort, visit our site! We hope to see you at The Grove, soon!

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