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Orlando, FL, USA for Keep it Classic or Go Modern? 8 Rides You Won’t Want to Miss in Walt Disney World!

Pair nostalgia with the vibrancy of the present and future and you’ve got a recipe for success. At least, Walt Disney World does. With one quick glance around the park you’ll be treated to constant reminders of our tech-savvy society alongside timeless odes of the original mouse, old-fashioned American ideals, and snippets of the culture Disney was born into.

For many, it’s easy and enjoyable to remember the past through rose-colored glasses, and for others, the future holds discovery and adventure. Of all the attractions and theme parks in the world, none of have blended classic and new with as much skill as Walt Disney World.

Let’s Explore Walt Disney World Rides

With the onset of spring and vacation season, the moment is ripe to take a peek at how you can make the most of Walt Disney World’s latest and greatest rides, as well as the classics.

Our “Keep it Classic” Choices:

1. Family Friendly – Mad Tea Party

The spinning teacups of Mad Tea Party have been around since opening day of Magic Kingdom. There’s something charming and innocent about giggling madly while being spun round and round.

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2. Somewhat Daring – Space Mountain

Space Mountain is considered a classic due to its popularity staying power over the past decades. Not to mention it’s been replicated in every single Disney Park, and never ceases to have a lengthy line.


3. Ode to Walt Disney Himself – Pirates of Caribbean

Though he died before it was completed, Pirates of the Caribbean is the last ride Walt Disney oversaw. Pirates has remained popular for so long, and an entire movie franchise was created from it. This ride is family friendly, although keep in mind very small children might not enjoy the singular drop in the ride.

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4. Disney Explorers-at-Heart – The Jungle Cruise

These days world travel is becoming much easier, but in the early days of Disney, just making it to Walt Disney World was a feat, let alone the Savannas of Africa. A ride on The Jungle Cruise is at once nostalgic, magical, and downright silly, and we never miss a chance to ride it! Also a great ride for the whole family.


Our “New and Innovative” Ride Favorites:

5. For the Daring – Expedition Everest

By far one of the most visually striking and velocity-intensive coasters in Walt Disney World is Expedition Everest, found in Animal Kingdom. Besides the aesthetic and adrenaline pleasure, the ride brings, it also offers a compelling storyline.

6. Daring and Creepy – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

This ride is especially thrilling. If you’ve ever freefallen, you might know what those particular whooshing butterflies in the stomach feel like, the same feeling you’ll experience in the Tower of Terror! This ride is more than the thrills though; the experience takes visitors into the “twilight zone.” Not for the faint of heart but worth gathering one’s courage for!

7. Fans of Virtual and Flying – Avatar Flight of Passage

Animal Kingdom’s Avatar Flight of Passage ride manages to offer thrills for most ages without being scary, utilizes modern technology in a fun way, and is informative! Riders feel as though they are flying on the back of a mountain banshee during an exhilarating 3D ride above the vast moon!

8. For All-Family Fun – Toy Story Mania

There’s just something about Toy Story that manages to bring smiles to all ages, and the Toy Story Mania ride does precisely that with a fun techie twist. Riders get to shoot-’em-up 4D style next to a chosen partner-in-crime.

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We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the classic and new ride possibilities of Walt Disney World, with over fifty rides there’s no way to cover them all! Each ride listed captures our hearts in a nostalgic way or reminds us of the incredible technology and innovation of the present. Nostalgia and innovation were, perhaps, what Walt Disney was most famous and beloved for, and it’s fitting that his legacy lives on in the parks!

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