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Orlando, FL, USA for Learn to Surf Without Ever Stepping Foot Into the Ocean, Here’s How

learn to surf

People are always passionate about their hobbies, but perhaps none so much as surfers. It could be the intense adrenaline rush or the charm of the water, who knows, but the fact remains that surfers are extremely enthused individuals.


Such enthusiasm is contagious, and if you’ve ever considered trying out the sport for yourself, we say go for it! It is summer, after all, the ideal time to both try new adventures and to submerge oneself into a blissfully cooling body of water. Surfing checks both boxes in one fell swoop.

Ready to Learn to Surf?

Now, for some individuals, the idea of swimming out into the sea to face a wave, turn around, and ride it, can be daunting. How does one even go about practicing surfing, without being in the ocean? It’s not as though one can get very far simulating the motions on land. Thankfully, there is a way to practice surfing without stepping foot into the ocean, that is equally fun!

Meet the FlowRider

Meet the FlowRider Double surf simulator, Orlando’s newest surf simulator ride, located at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando. Picture an enormous blue box with a wave inside of it. If you can’t quite picture that, we get it, it’s an unusual sight! Nevertheless, on the FlowRider, you can learn and practice surfing.

learn to surf

We spoke with one of the FlowRider instructors, Jonathan Destouche, to prepare for our first go on the FlowRider. He gave us five things to consider beforehand:

One – “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t surfed. Surfing doesn’t really give you an edge when riding the FlowRider.”

Two – “When riding you always want to keep your weight on your back foot, that’s what will keep you balanced on the board.”

Three – “Your upper body controls where the board will go. So keep your shoulders straight.”

Four – “Heels and toes. Heels and toes will move you forward and backward on the FlowRider. If you don’t want to stay in one spot or continuously go up and down then use your heels and toes to move you forward and backward.”

Five – “Relax. Just relax, the FlowRider is fun to ride. Relax and have fun. Everyone wipes out, even the instructors. If it happens, it happens. Just get up and try again!”

Catch a Wave >>

Ready? We sure are! It’s been a while since we tried something new for the first time, and the FlowRider seems like a great place to start. Plus, the worst that can happen is that we might fall into the water, and considering Orlando is pretty hot during the summertime, that sounds great to us!

Thank you, Jonathon for taking the time to provide some stellar tips for the FlowRider, hopefully, you’ll be our instructor when the time comes.

If you’re interested in booking a stay at The Grove or learning more about FlowRider, visit here!

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