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Orlando, FL, USA for Look No Further; We’ve Got The Inside Scoop on The Best Kids Rides in Orlando

best kid rides in orlando

With an abundance of theme parks and a never-ending and ever-growing amount of rides, Orlando, Florida is a mecca for mini-human fun. With so much fun to choose from, the question begs which rides are best for the kids? Each theme park has a variety of rides geared towards different heights, ages, and thrill levels. To help your family plan out a memorable vacation, here are our recommendations for some of the best kids rides throughout Orlando, based on height requirements.


Best Kid Rides in Orlando

Recommended Rides at Surfari Water Park

Summertime in Orlando is the ideal time to splash around in one of the incredible water parks. One of the newest water parks offering rides for all heights is Surfari Water Park located at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando. One of the rides is called the FlowRider, and it’s a simulated wave allowing riders to try a hand at surfing!

Favorite Ride For Kids Under 48 inches

– Kids Activities Pool

Favorite Ride For Kids Over 48 inches

– FlowRider
– Dueling Slides

best kid rides in orlando

Recommended Rides at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has more rides than any family can get through in one trip. Knowing how to narrow it down will save your feet miles of extra walking!

Rides For Kids Under 48 Inches

– Magic Kingdom – Dumbo
– Epcot – Finding Nemo
– Animal Kingdom  – Dinoland USA
– Hollywood Studios -Toy Story

Favorite Rides For Kids Over 48 Inches

– Magic Kingdom – Mine Car at Splash Mountain
– Hollywood Studios – Toy Story Mania (perfect for the entire family!)
– Epcot – Soarin’
– Animal Kingdom – Everest (best for the thrill-seeking kids)

best kid rides in orlando

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Recommended Rides at LEGOLAND

Unlike many of the other theme parks, LEGOLAND is geared mainly towards kids. Every ride caters to the little ones, but we still have our favorites to recommend!

Favorite Ride For Kids Under 48 Inches

– Royal Joust
– Duplo Tracker

Favorite Ride For Kids Over 48 Inches

– Flying School
– Coastersaurus

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Recommended Rides at Universal Studios

Universal Studios has a plethora of rides catered to every age and thrill-seeking level possible! There are plenty, though, for kids both short and tall.

Favorite Ride For Kids Under 48 Inches

– Universal Studios – ET Ride
– Islands of Adventure – Dr. Seuss World (Cat in the Hat)

Favorite Ride For Kids Over 48 Inches

– Universal Studios – Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts
– Islands of Adventure – Jurassic Park River Adventure

best kid rides in orlando

Whichever rides you and your kiddos end up riding, we know you’re going to have a blast! Orlando truly is a dream come true for kids, parents, and families in general. Whatever ride preferences your little humans have, there are plenty of rides to suit their needs. If you have any questions regarding planning a trip to Orlando, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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