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Orlando, FL, USA for The Best Free Apps To Use on Your Next Orlando, Florida Getaway

best free travel apps

There’s an app for that. For what? Everything! When it comes to life, in general, there are useful apps for just about anything we need. There’s one area of life, in particular, where we’ve found apps to be incredibly helpful – travel.


Travel planning and execution requires research, taking action, planning ahead and in the moment, and the ability to adapt on the go. Easier said than done on all accounts, yet it is easier done, when done with specific apps! With so many travel-related apps to choose from, the question begs how does one know which to choose?

For starters, it depends on where you are traveling to, and what you plan on doing while there. If you’re planning on going backpacking along the Appalachian Trail, then your app needs will be different than someone intending to find the perfect date night spot in a new city.

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Best Free Travel Apps

In the search for the most convenient travel apps, there are three that we find to be the most useful for those visiting Orlando, Florida, specifically.

My Disney Experience

best free travel apps

Considering Walt Disney World is comprised of multiple theme parks, dozens of restaurants, endless shopping, and much, much more, it can be challenging to keep it all straight. Thankfully, the geniuses behind the scenes developed the My Disney Experience app, and it’s extremely helpful. We love this app because it allows you to:

-Explore the parks on the interactive GPS enabled maps

-Get wait times for the attractions

-Find character greeting locations and times

-Make dining reservations and browse menus

-Purchase tickets

-Share itinerary with friends and family

-Manage all of your reservations including dinners and shows

We love using this app. It’s extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. It will significantly enhance your Disney World experience, and we can’t recommend it enough! Also, it’s free.

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So often the simplest things in life are the most profound. We may not go so far as to say that the OpenTable app is profound, but it sure is great for researching and booking restaurant reservations while traveling. We’ve all been there, those moments when no one can agree on where to eat, but everyone is #hangry and time is of the essence. Orlando especially has so many delicious restaurants to choose from. We find visitors experience option overload at times. OpenTable is helpful in that it offers one seamless platform to view the options, read through reviews, and make an instant reservation if needed. It changes the travel dining game from indecision and hunger to happy decisions and full-bellies.

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best free travel apps

Widely used around the world, WhatsApp is hands down one of our favorite apps of all time. Considering we have access to iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and a variety of other messaging apps, very few Americans are using WhatsApp. Out of all the messaging options, WhatsApp is designed the best and works the most reliably, in our experience. It works with cellular service and wifi, even between phone types. Where iMessaging doesn’t always work seamlessly on wifi between iPhones and Androids, WhatsApp does.

This benefits travelers in that it’s straightforward to share photos and videos among your group, and with those friends and family members not traveling with you. Not to mention, if you make friends with travelers from other countries, you can easily keep in touch through WhatsApp. Additionally, WhatsApp has the best voice messaging capability of any messaging app we’ve utilized so far. It’s an all-around great app, and once you give it a try we know you’ll love it, too!

In even more exciting news, all three of the apps mentioned above will not only enhance your experience in Orlando, but they will be useful for your stay, or visit, to The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando. One of Orlando’s newest resorts, The Grove is a family resort featuring suite-style rooms, it’s own lakea brand new water park, and an array of other amenities and on-site entertainment. Being only five minutes from Walt Disney World, its location in Orlando is exceptional.

We hope you find these apps to be helpful during your travels, and we hope to see you soon at The Grove!

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