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Orlando, FL, USA for What is a Perfect Day at The Grove? We Asked Bill, The General Manager, to Find Out!

Spending the time and resources on a vacation is almost always well worth it, but without a doubt, some vacations that top the rest. It isn’t easy to intuit which destinations and resorts are going to be exceptional, especially from behind a screen. Though it’s incredible that we all have such easy access to planning and booking online, the true spirit of a place can only be discovered once physically there.


Here at The Grove Resort & Spa, we are immensely passionate about our warm, welcoming energy and the never-ending schedule of fun activities and events. Believe it or not, the team member who is the most passionate about The Grove is our General Manager, Bill Lee. On those rare days when Bill has some spare time, we often find him enjoying the resort amenities alongside our fabulous guests. Since Bill knows the resort like the back of his hand, we decided to ask him what a perfect day at The Grove looks like for him.

Curious as to what he said? Read on!

Morning: Hot Tea and Nature Walks

“I enjoy starting a leisurely day at The Grove with a hot green tea from Rose at our Coffee Bar at Alfresco Market. I know every barista, but most often it’s Billie working her magic when I arrive, and it’s nice to spend a few moments chatting with her, she easily puts a smile on the face of all her customers!


With tea in hand, I’ll take a slow stroll around the resort, soaking in the incredible landscaping and natural beauty that I usually speed past on my busy days. We have amazing lush gardens and sparkling lagoons; I find I appreciate them more and more each time.”

Practice Fishing

“We are so fortunate at The Grove to have our very own lake, Lake Austin. Again, I don’t often have time to enjoy it to the capacity our guests do, but when I do have time my favorite lake activity is a guided fishing tour. Trey, our fishing guide, is exceptional at fishing and teaching others how to fish. We practice catch and release on the lake, and all in all, it’s a fun and calming way to spend a few hours. Catch you on the lake soon I hope, Trey!”

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Time For a Dip and a Surfing Attempt

“What I love most about living in Orlando is it’s almost always warm enough for a dip in our pools. I love to be in the water, and ever since we unveiled our FlowRider double surf simulator I can’t wait to practice surfing! I’ve attempted surfing a handful of times so far, and I must say it isn’t easy, but it is fun! Jonathan, one of our surf instructors, tells me I’m improving and encourages me to keep trying every time I run into him!”

Sippin’ a Gator Tail Cocktail

“It’s easy to work up an appetite at The Grove, especially if I’m able to do all of my favorite activities in a row. Usually, after a surfing lesson, I’ll ask Jason, one of our mixologists, to whip up his famous Gator Tail cocktail. As I sip on the cocktail, I peruse our menu at Valencia Restaurant, even though I know Chef Lisa will want to choose for me. Lisa is an artist in the kitchen, and never ceases to surprise and delight my taste buds with her creations!”

Thank you, Bill, for taking the time to share your favorite ways to enjoy The Grove when you aren’t working. We know we love seeing you enjoy some well-deserved relaxation from time to time! For all of you considering choosing The Grove as your next vacation spot, hopefully, you can glean a sense of our resort community from Bill. We’re all about savoring, whether it be fine food, new experiences, or the beauty of Florida’s flora and fauna. We hope you can come for a stay and create your own perfect day at The Grove, as Bill has. Though he may have had more time to perfect his ideal day, we’ve no doubts you will too!

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