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Orlando, FL, USA for What to Know About Disney Race Weekends and How to Plan

disney race weekend

Each year more and more people lace up their shoes and hit the pavement to go for a run. The popularity of running has been steadily growing over the past few decades in conjunction with the immense popularity of marathons. Even those who don’t regularly go for a run are apt to sign up for a festive 5k with their friends, raise money for a good cause, or simply enjoy the exciting theme of the run.


Disney Race Weekends – What to Know, How to Plan

Out of all the races of varying lengths offered throughout the country, few are as popular as the Disney races. Considering the magnitude of Disney sentiment, it will come as no surprise to hear that the various Disney Race Weekends held throughout the year sell out quickly. If you’ve been dreaming of participating in a Disney Race, we’ve got some useful insights for you.

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disney race weekends

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Upcoming Races

Before you can begin to plan for your Disney race, you’ve got to choose which one you’d like to participate in! If you’d like to run as soon as possible, then the upcoming Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend might be the best choice, happening November 1-4. (This event is currently sold out, but you may want to mark your calendars to sign up for next year!)

Kick off the New Year at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, January 11-13.

If you’d like a little more time to plan and prepare, then the next best choice is to wait until February 21-24 2019 for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

Or, if you’d like even more time, or perhaps you prefer a different theme, hold out for the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend happening April 4-7.

With each of these marathon weekends, there’s always the option to participate in a variety of ways. For those who can’t wait to run the 13.1 miles of a half marathon, you can! If, on the other hand, less mileage is more appealing, you can opt for the 10k instead. There are also children’s races, special challenges, events, and more involved in each weekend. Essentially, whatever your running style is, there’s a race for you!

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Tips and Tricks

As you plan to attend a Disney Marathon Weekend, here are some helpful tips to consider implementing:

– Register early!

– You must check-in at the expo before the race, don’t forget this!

– Choose the race with the theme that most appeals to you

– Pre-order as many of the specialized race pieces as possible, it can get a little hectic at the actual expo, and everything sells out.

– You still need to purchase park tickets to spend time at the park before or after the race

– Arrange your itinerary so that the race is within the first day or two of your trip. This way, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the rest of your trip post-running.

– Familiarize yourself with the costume rules ahead of time, as there are quite a few rules

– Eat a nourishing and energizing breakfast

– Begin hydrating days before the race, continue hydrating days after

– Bring a camera, plenty of characters will be out and about for photos

– Weather is always an unknown in Florida, be prepared for hot and sunny or overcast and rainy, and everything in between

– Devour this in-depth guide providing useful details for enjoying Disney Race Weekends


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Where to Stay

Ah, the big question! First and foremost, you’ll want to stay somewhere close to the course, so that you won’t waste precious early morning minutes on a commute. Additionally, it’s also wise to choose a resort that will serve as the ideal home base for your run-cation. Especially for those who are very disciplined in what they eat before and after a race, choose a resort that features suite-style rooms so you can prepare your food. Eating out over and again is enjoyable while on vacation, but you may find more peace of mind being able to adhere to your same eating regimen.

Anything involving Disney, by default, requires lots of walking, which is increased tenfold during marathon weekends! Between running and walking around the parks and expo, your body will be in need of some serious relaxation. Choose a resort that has on-site pools, jacuzzis, and a spa. Location, relaxation, and ability to prepare your own food are three top considerations when choosing where to stay for a Disney Marathon Weekend.

The Grove Resort & Spa ORLANDO checks off all three needs. It’s within a few minutes of the resort, features only suite-style rooms each with its own kitchen, and has a variety of pools, jacuzzi’s, and spa treatments.

If you’d like any further assistance in planning your Disney Race Weekend, don’t hesitate to reach out! In the meantime, happy planning and best of luck in the race!

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