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Orlando, Florida for Creative, Magical, and Enchanting Ways to Propose in Walt Disney World

proposal ideas for disney world

For a place based upon fantasy, there’s a genuine opportunity to create an actual fairytale ending. What are we talking about? Proposing in Walt Disney World, of course!

Anyone who has ever had significant other who adores all things Disney knows how meaningful time spent at Walt Disney World can be for him or her. If you and your sweetheart are contemplating marriage, then consider surprising your partner in the most delightful way by asking for forever in Walt Disney World.


Five Enchanting Proposal Ideas For Walt Disney World

For those a little less familiar with the parks, this may sound like a daunting task. With four parks to chose from and countless scenic spots, how to choose? Not to worry, we’ve got five great ideas for you to select or derive inspiration from!

1. The Classic Choice: a Castle Proposal

Anything labeled “classic” is labeled as such because it is a wonderful option, always. This is the case with the enchanting Cinderella Castle. It glows magically during the day and night, ensuring you aren’t limited to any specific time. With that being said, you will not be the first or last to propose here; it’s a favorite spot. If you’re looking for something a bit more creative, this isn’t ideal.

main street usa disney proposal

2. Main Street USA

For a more old-timey feeling proposal, consider dropping down to one knee on Main Street USA, another iconic spot. More importantly, the street is lined with Disney Photo Pass photographers who you could discreetly ask, ahead of time, to capture the special moment.

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3. Firework Fun

Of all the romantic gestures, fireworks may be at the top of the list. We aren’t suggesting you arrange for fireworks just for your proposal, but rather take advantage of the nightly Happily Ever After fireworks that take place in front of Cinderella’s Castle. The name of the fireworks suggests what may be in store for couples who become engaged beneath them!

main street usa disney proposal

4. Private Beach Dinner

A private dinner on one of the beaches at the main Disney resorts is a spectacular way to propose. Chances are your sweetheart won’t have a clue what you’ve got up your sleeve. As you enjoy the delicious food and drinks while soaking in the romantic ambiance, you can ask for a lifetime of making memories!

5. A Boat, Lake, and Fireworks

Combine three of life’s greatest treasures all at once for the ultimate proposal; rent a boat from one of the Disney resorts, at night, head out on the lake, and then propose during the fireworks. Since it’ll be more challenging to hire a photographer, you may need to set up a hidden camera, too!

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Hopefully, these ideas are enough to get your creative gears turning. You know your partner best, and no doubt are already figuring out which specific components will make her or him the happiest! After the proposal, pick up an “I’m celebrating” button from one of the shops and proudly wear it the remainder of your time in Orlando! You’ll be amazed at just how many people stop and smile, congratulate, or inquire.

The excitement before the proposal can be intense and the joy afterward overwhelming! It will feel wonderfully calming to stay somewhere that is both cozy and modern. The Grove Resort Orlando offers that ideal blend, and is only a few minutes from Walt Disney World! Enjoy your stay in spacious residential-style suites, with plenty of on-site amenities to entertain and enjoy.

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