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Orlando, Florida for How Residential-Style Suites Eliminates These Common Vacation Woes


Option overload is one way to describe the current state of travel. As the desire to vacation surges in popularity each year, the hospitality industry has been working hard to supply the demand. The result is that travelers can now choose between a great variety of types of accommodations. There now exists an array of options within the hotel industry alone! One of the main choices to make is whether to opt for a standard hotel room or residential-style suites.


The Benefits of Suite-Style vs Standard Hotel Rooms

Today we want to speak to both options, to help assist you in choosing the perfect fit for your next vacation.

Keep Everyone Close While Still Having Space

Many of us have been on a family vacation where the entire family was crammed into one hotel room. The chaos of everyone’s suitcase spilling out on the floor and arranging bathroom schedules may have led to feeling the need for a vacation after the vacation. When it comes to traveling as a family, a residential-style suite alleviates this chaos. The entire family can be in one suite, yet each generation can have their own room. Mom and dad in one room, kids in the next, and if applicable, grandma and grandpa in the third room.

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A traditional hotel room is terrific for traveling duos. As long as you don’t care about having more than one room, then a typical hotel stay is suitable for a best friend getaway or romantic rendezvous with your significant other.

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The Essence of Being at Home, Without Any of the Work

Some travelers thrive off of the unfamiliar, and others enjoy having a feeling of being at home wherever they visit. A residential-style suite offers many of the familiar comforts of home, but also comes with the typical housekeeping staff and amenities of the hotel. Conveniences such as being able to cook, do laundry, and lounge in a common area are all available in a suite-style room.

Long Vacations Vs. Quick Getaways

A couple traveling for just a few nights will be content in a standard hotel room. A couple, family, or friend group traveling for more than three nights, for example, will appreciate the luxury of staying in a suite. Extended vacations almost certainly result in the vacationers wanting to cook an occasional meal or prep snacks.

suite style vs standard hotel rooms

Multiple People; Multiple Bathrooms

Even in the most luxurious hotel room, a single bathroom is not as preferable as having two. Unless you’re traveling solo, chances are you and your travel partner will need to use the bathroom at the same time at some point. Residential-style suites often feature two bathrooms, keeping the travel peace and maximizing time for fun. Parents, especially, enjoy the freedom of not sharing a bathroom with the kids, and the kids are all too happy to commandeer one of the bathrooms for their own vacation fun and games.

The Ability to Host

One last benefit worth pointing out that residential-style suites offer an enhanced ability to host. It may be that you are vacationing with a large group taking up multiple rooms. Suites usually feature a common area akin to a living room in which you can easily play games, lounge, and dine together. Traditional hotel rooms tend to have less space, furniture, and amenities needed to host comfortably.

Now, as your scrolling the internet searching for vacation accommodations, you may have a new method for narrowing down the options. Not every hotel offers residential-style suites, and those that do may book out well in advance. Few hotels feature only spacious suites, but The Grove Resort Orlando is comprised solely of residential-style suites, ensuring that your vacation is as spacious and comfortable as possible!

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