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orlando, florida for Recently Engaged? Congrats! Here’s What To Do Next

tips for newly engaged couples

There’s no other time of the year when as many couples become engaged than during the holiday season. Magic is in the air and love abounds, setting the perfect ambiance to ask for forever. Since this season is markedly busier than most others, there can also be an air of rushing, of needing to respond to friends and family immediately. Additionally, as soon as you get engaged, the wedding planning advice will start rolling in, some of it useful, but much of it misleading.

So, after saying yes to each other, take a deep breath, and read through the following tips for newly engaged couples. Seriously, we wish we knew this way back when, but our folly is going to be your gain!


Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Avoid Sharing Your Engagement on Social Media Before Telling Your Closest Friends and Family

This rule depends on the family situation, of course, but more often than not your parents, siblings, and closest friends will appreciate being in the immediate know. The last situation you want to deal with is your grandmother hearing about the engagement from your brother. Generally speaking, the best practice is 1. Get engaged, 2. Tell your people, 3. Share on social media.

tips for newly engaged couples

Discuss Your Vision

Everyone has a vision of what they’d like their wedding will be like, but that could be completely different than what your partner is expecting. You’ll want to align on important topics such as overall budget, guest list size, whether the wedding will be casual or more formal. Finding a balance for both you and your significant other is important to do early on in the wedding planning process.

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Take Time to Make Your Plans

More likely than not, you are not intending to plan your wedding within the first few weeks of becoming engaged, right? Therefore, when your future MIL starts making requests, or your best friend is demanding to know the entire bridesmaid list, politely let them know nothing is being decided yet. You and your fiancé may even consider coming up with a standard response to all wedding inquiries. Something along the lines of “we are so excited to get started and give you all the details, but we have not begun any of the planning just yet.”

tips for newly engaged couples

Hold Off On Choosing Your Wedding Party 

We recommend you take some time before choosing your wedding party. Especially if it’s looking like you’ll have an engagement period of a year or longer, the importance of the people in your life may shift. You never know what large life changes your prospective bridal party members will have, and nor do you know the full scope and budget of your wedding just yet. Though in your heart there are eight bridesmaids, your wedding may only have room for five. No need to rush this process, your friends will understand, and if they don’t, then you may need to re-think who to choose.

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Be Mindful of Your Guest List Announcements

Similar to the piece of advice above, it’s still too early to start promising to your co-workers, yoga instructors, or newly acquired friends an invitation. You won’t have a clear picture of what’s possible until you the two of you sit down and discuss your visions and finances for the special occasion. It’s of no use to promise, or even allude to, invitations if those you’ve told could feel awkward or disappointed later.

tips for newly engaged

Accepting Help

Moms and mothers-in-law are notorious for being hands-on in the wedding planning process, and you may love that. Some brides, however, may feel stifled planning their dream wedding while mom is sharing some strong, possibly unwelcomed, opinions. We recommend being upfront in advance on what you’d like help with and what is off limits. Maybe you’re set on a specific dress or wedding venue, just let whoever know that while you appreciate the feedback, you’re set in that area, then redirect them on other ways they can pitch in.

To summarize, drink to the season of being engaged. Stare lovingly into each other’s eyes and bask in the congratulations that are pouring in. This is such a beautiful time for you both, and it will be over before you know it. Rather than rushing through it or stressing about planning, just enjoy!

When it’s time to plan your wedding, come back to our blog and read all about our gorgeous venues, and why getting hitched in Florida is ideal. In the meantime, congratulations!

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