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Orlando, Florida for The Beauty of a Florida Staycation

florida staycation

In the age of global travel, there’s one type of vacation that has become overlooked: the staycation. Hopping on a plane and traveling for hours, sometimes even days, to arrive at an exotic location is a wonderful experience but is it the most relaxing? For those of you craving a deeply relaxing vacation, look no further than your own city!


Today we are highlighting the benefits of a staycation. Whether you’re limited on time, dislike long travel, or simply want the opportunity to truly relax, a staycation can be the ideal vacation experience for you. As you ponder whether or not a staycation is in your near future, enjoy these five reasons why a staycation is an exceptional idea!

5 Benefits of a Staycation

1. Save on Everything

When you choose to vacation where you live, aka staycation, you have the chance to save a significant amount of money. You won’t be spending money on tickets for planes, trains, taxis, boats, transfers, and every other travel related expense. Additionally, you get to maximize your time since you won’t be spending hours on a plane ride or road trip.

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2. Spend More on Luxury

With all of those savings, you have a choice to make. You can choose to keep them as savings, which is always a wise choice. If you’re really excited to pamper yourself, then you can choose to use your savings to staycation in luxury. Book an in-room massage. Make reservations at the fancy restaurant with a pre-fixe menu. Order room service. This can be your chance to splurge on all of the luxuries you usually go without when sticking to a strict budget. 

florida staycation


3. Fewer To-do Lists and Prep Steps

How often does a big trip equal lengthy to-do lists and multiple rounds of preparation errand running? Going out of town for a week or two often requires canceling appointments, clearing your calendar, assessing which travel items are needed and then hunting them down. A big trip requires focus and energy, which can be fun and exciting. When you’re really just craving some quality rest and relaxation, though, a staycation will serve you much better. Throw a few things in a weekender bag, make far fewer arrangements, and voila! Time to relax.

4. Savor Your City

Most of us spend a lot of time dreaming about other places, but chances are your city has plenty to enjoy. A staycation allows you the opportunity to make the most of your city, and if you so choose, be a tourist in your own city! For once, you get to be the tourist, the vacationer in your town.

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5. No Sweet Goodbye Sorrow

The best part of a staycation? There’s no need to be sad when it ends! How many trips have you been on where you spent the last day, or final few days, feeling blue at the thought of leaving? Perhaps it was a destination a bit too far to return to frequently. Well, during your staycation you can rejoice instead of feeling sad. You can return anytime you want! This is where you live!

What better place to live and staycation than Orlando? We are so blessed to call this magnificent city our home, and so are you! Treat yourself to a staycation in the region you call home! We love celebrating the locals and the culture of this part of the country and are happy to offer Florida and Georgia residents a special discount. If you feel ready to pamper yourself with a staycation, enjoy this special package designed just for you!

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