Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan for Liberty Osaka

if you are the sort of tourist who is interested in familiarizing yourself with the political background of the country you are visiting, then the Human Rights Museum in Osaka might be right spot for you. Founded with the aim of shedding light on human rights of minorities in Japan, Liberty Osaka provides detailed insight into the history of discrimination that has been happening in Japan, based on gender, sexual orientation, physical disability and ethnicity. Even though this museum is best to be visited with someone who has knowledge of Japanese, as most of its content is of verbal nature, the museum does offer an audio guide in English and also a pretty comprehensive booklet that offers a detailed description of their permanent exhibition. We were fortunate in the sense that Liberty Osaka was pretty close to our accommodation so we could get there on foot – for everyone else who is in central Osaka, this might be a bit of a trek. Still, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this aspect of Japan.

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