Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan for Madness of Dotonbori Street

We arrived to Osaka late on a weekend and without much thinking, decided to go straight into the heart of city’s nightlife – the Namba district and its incredibly vibrant epicentre, the Dotonbori Street. Since this was our first proper encounter with Japan, needless to say we were a bit stunned – from bright neon lights, crazy fashion and giant flashy billboards, we didn’t know where to look first. Luckily, Dotonbori has something for everyone – there’s luxury shopping, there’s budget shopping, there’s clubs and bars and there is… food. Osaka is known as the kitchen of Japan, so expect to see an insane variety of food as you walk it’s streets. In Dotonbori, we decided to go for the famed Kobe beef (here sold as street food!) and it went well beyond our palate’s expectations. We decided to continue the night in one of numerous Izakayas, where we bumped into and impromptu birthday party where we got treated to some tasty sake and takoyaki. Yum!

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