Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan for The Amazing Osaka Castle

The ultimate symbol of the town, this glorious building is a true testament of its time and I think if there is one thing you need to see in Osaka – this would be it. The walk to the castle is pretty picturesque, and in the gardens surrounding it, you can get a chance to see many trees and other plants species that are native to Japan. As you approach it, the castle starts looming in the background among all the tree branches, a sight that was so wonderful in August, I can’t even begin to imagine what it looks like when cherry trees are in full blossom. The exterior of the building is simply stunning, you almost begin to wonder how come someone was able to design and build something so breathtaking so long ago. The ramparts of the castle are also pretty impressive, made up of giant geometric rock formations. The inside of the castle gives a little insight into its history, but I still think its outside appearance is much, much more impressive. Don’t forget to treat yourself with green tea ice cream on the way out!

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