Oslo for Let the Scandinavian fairytale begin

Oslo – the capital of Norway. So big and so small city… I was pretty excited about visiting this place. All the vikings’ stories and tales about kings and queens…
My Scandinavian trip started just when I set foot on the plane. I travelled with SAS – a company I have not heard before but as it turned out lated a good and reliable one. The service was just perfect, the plane comfortable and the most important thing – no surprises ( such as delays or cancellations). I was fascinated by the high professionalism which all staff on board demonstrated. Not to mention the view from the plane – picturesque small villages, vast fields, rivers and mountains.
I arrived at Oslo International Airport in the late afternoon, just before sunset. Astonished by the beauty I just saw from my window, I decided to take the train to the city senter. Travelling through the little cosy villages I was thinking how peaceful these people out there live. No cars, no bars, no traffic, nothing … Until the moment I set foot on the Oslo’s Sentral Station. For a moment, I felt a rush of energy through my body. All of a sudden all my inner piece vanishes. I was sitting in a middle of a big hall with all these people passing my in some kind of insane rush, as if they were chasing each other.
It did not take my long to find my way to the hotel. I booked it near the famous Opera House, just in the heart of Oslo. Well, needed some instructions about the way to the building, but I was happy and lucky to meet the most kind and helpful people ever. After a couple of days, I understood that it was not a coincidence…just Norwegians are not as cold as everyone thinks.
After the long journey, it was time for dinner so I decided to explore Oslo by night. Lurking through the streets of the town, I found a place called Mr.Hong. A very cosy chinese restaurant with unique atmosphere and reasonable prices. Fortunately, they had buffet option which was perfect for a hungry tourist.
After my dinner, I decided to go back to the hotel I was staying at. I was impatient to enjoy the great view to the sea out of my window with a glass of wine in my hand. But then, while I was passing through so called Østbannehallen, Brazzeria caught my attention. It was a small place with luxurious interior. However, the customers were casually dressed, talking vividly around. I decided to try the great white wine they offered. Well,it was damn good and the price for a place like this was pretty reasonable. So, glad and relaxed I took a small walk to my hotel, enjoying the crispy air outside.
I was staying in Oslo for 3 days in which I experienced the city with all its beauty and history. I visited the National Museum of History, where by the way I saw the only Viking’s helmet in the world. Surprisingly, nothing in common with Asterisk and Obeliks animation movie. No horns, nothing…Just an ordinary helmet, but in a way too special.
After that I headed to the Aker brygge and the Akershus fortress situated just on the sea. After a couple-of-hours walk I was heading to my next destination, Vigelandsparken. It is a very popular place not only among the tourists but also among the locals. Great place for piknik, riding a bike or just walking under the trees.
After these 3 days, walking, talking and exploring Oslo’s highlights I would advise anyone to visit this places:
1. Akershus fortress
2. Vigelandsparken
3. Akker brygge
4. National Museum of History
5. Nobel Fredriksenter
6. National Gallery
7. Munch Museum
8. Astrup Finley Musem
9. Drøbak (a small city nearby Oslo, which is as full of history as the capital itself)
10. The Royal Palace
So if you want to take a short brake to a not so well known destination, I would recommend Oslo, the capital of Norway. The city is a mixture of history, architecture and modern art. Gathering people from all over the world, this is the most cosmopolitan capital in Scandinavia and in Europe I have ever visited. Do not waste your time, visit Norway. The scandinavian fairytale with no end.

Where I stayed / started

Thon Opera Hotel

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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