Oslo, Norway for Historic Akershus Fortress

Akershu Castle is the beautiful historic location in Oslo with natural beauty of seaside and lush green gardens. had withstand and experienced number of historic events. It owns the status of National symbol as owned by the Kings in History, Now by the Governments, and The fortress was built in 1300s on a strategic location of being near the sea, and had survived all sieges and attacks as it had never captured in an active battle. During second world war it was occupied by German Forces and used as a prison and execution center.
I had a great informative time there and learnt so much about actual history as the fortress house a church, castle, prison museum, Norwegian Armed forces Museum, and a model of historic Oslo. The Royal Mausoleum have Norwegian Royalty graves of seven Royalty members. Walking on the grounds really given some aristocratic vibes with fantastic and amazing views of harbor.
Entry is free around the visiting castle, only if you have to see inside the museum you have to pay ticket. In addition to sightseeing many public entertainment events are also conducted by the admin. I would really recommend castle visit to everyone for knowledge of the history and how the things went around in that period.

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