Oslo, Norway for The Kingdom of Queens, Kings, Vikings and Aurora Borealis

Heading to Norway you should visit not only Oslo, but other cities as well, each with its unique landskape and history. So if you have enough time and resourses to travel around the country, you should not miss:
1. Oslo:
The capital of Norway is the most multicultural place in Scandinavia. The town is not as big as the other Scandinavian capitals, such as Copenhagen or Stockholm, but definitely has his own charm, amazing atractions, sights and areas. Oslo is beautifully located by the Oslo fjord, surrounded by hills and vast areas of woodlands.
2. Bergen:
The doorway to the fjords, Bergen is a must see town, situated in the west of Norway. It is surrounded by 7 mountains and is a mixture of picturesque hillsides, the tiny, wooden houses and crystal clear lakes.
3. Trondheim:
Trondheim is really worth visiting. Its unique wooden houses, beautifully located by the wide Trondheim fjord, makes the place the ultimate destination for relaxation. Nidelven river and the historic Bakklandet area are just two of the many areas you can visit.
4. Tromso:
Heading northwest, you can reach a town, called Tromso. The town is surrounded by magic Arctic scenery, mountain peaks, islands and fjords. Tromso is a beautiful destination for the Midnight Sun during the summer months. If you are going there, do not miss to visit the amazing Arctic cathedral, Polaria Arctic museum or some of the natural phenomena such as Northern Lights or the blue Arctic twilight.

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