Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard for The perfect weekend gateaway

One of the things I love about California is the diverse choice of amazing weekend gateways I have. One of my favourite places to visit when I have time is Pacific Grove. It is just on a short drive away from Los Angelis and San Francisco which makes it convenient for everyone seeking a moment of peace and quiet. Ocean Grove is really lovely peaceful breathtaking area and wonderful scenic drive. There are quick pull offs available to enjoy the amazing view. Usually, I go to Ocean View for a day but the last time I decided to stay in Pacific Grove at the coast. That is why, I rented a small cozy cottage on Ocean view Blvd and that was absolutely great decision.
Ocean View is not crowded unless special event which makes it my most favourite weekend gateaway. All I need is a book and sweater as it is chilly, especially in the late afternoon and in the evening. I love to sit and watch the seals and sea lions, enjoying the sun and the breeze against my skin but taking a refreshing walk at any time is also a perfect way to spend some time out.
I know that there are many places in California which are unbelievably beautiful but in Ocean View I can truly relax and gather myself after a hard working week.

Insider Tip

Make sure you walk down to Lovers Point!

Where I stayed / started

Ocean View

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